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Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1362
Datsun Horn Relay

65 - 70 Horn relay.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1363
Datsun Transmission Reverse Lamp Switch

68 - 70 4 speed transmission reverse lamp switch.
NOTE: Can use for 65 - 67 transmissions with smaller threaded back up light switch hole. Drill out hole with 12.5mm drill, 1/2 or 31/64 if you want a better "thread bite". Tap with 14mm x 1.5 tap. Washer un-threaded area of new switch with a .100 thick delrin or steel washer. ID of washer should be .550.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1364
Datsun Transmission Reverse Lamp Switch

67 1/2 - 70 5 speed transmission reverse lamp switch.

Electrical Switches
Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1365
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 Fuel Sending Unit

65 - 67 Fuel tank sending unit w/gasket.

Electrical Switches
Monthly Specials
Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1366
Datsun Roadster Fuel Sending Unit W/Oring

67 1/2 - 70 Fuel tank sending unit with o-ring.NOTE: This is the, correct, sending unit with the tabbed plate to index in the correct position. NOTE:Order by PART# 2366

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1367
Datsun Brake Light Switch

67 1/2 - 70 Brake light switch. Most of the issues concerning brake lights that won't turn off are a missing inexpensive rubber bumper which interfaces with the white button. Click here, to see the rubber bumper.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1368
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 1/2 Voltage Drop Regulator - Gauges

65 - 67 1/2 Voltage drop regulator. Part of the operating system of the water and fuel gauge. Symptom: Floating gauges or water and fuel both do not seem to work. Often the gauges and sending units are ok. It's this part that has failed.USE & ORDER PART# 1369

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1369
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Voltage Drop Regulator - Gauges

68 - 70 Voltage drop regulator. See part# 1368 for tech tip and more info.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1370
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 1/2 Oil Pressure Sending Unit

65 - 67 1/2 Oil pressure gauge sending unit.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1379
Datsun Roadster Turn Signal Switch 69/70

69 / 70 Turn signal switch. No need to solder wires or change plugs. This is the real deal!

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1380
Datsun Roadster Water Temp Sending Unit

65 - 70 Water temperature sending unit. New style with bullet end and we give you the connector as well. Much better than original threaded screw which often could break off and/or fall off.Be sure to install sender and nut with anti-seize lubricant. Comes with original style connector and clear shield.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1381

65 - 67 Brake light switch. Screws into fitting in engine compartment and activated by hydraulic fluid pressure. These are the correctly threaded units.

Aftermarket version SANKEI of Japan unit Order by PART# 1381AM $26.00

Electrical Switches
Cylinder Head G15 R16
Partnumber: 1531
Datsun Roadster Water Temp Sender Nut - SAE

63 - 67 1500/1600 Cylinder head water temp sending unit nut.

Cylinder Head G15 R16
Electrical Switches
Cylinder Head U20
Partnumber: 1532
Datsun Roadster Water Temperature Sender Nut

671/2 - 70 1600 and 671/2 - 70 2000. Cylinder head water temperature sending unit nut and thermostat housing nut in the case of the 2000's.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1667
68 - 70 Ignition switch

68 - 70 Ignition switch. Tab function and position below.

A / B

R / IG / S

Reconditioned switch 3 month warranty Order by part# 1667R $105.00 EXCHANGE REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1817
Datsun Fuel Tank Send Unit Gasket

65 - 67 Fuel tank sending unit gasket.

Fuel Systems
Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1818
Datsun Fuel Tank Sending Unit O-ring

67 1/2 - 70 Fuel tank sending unit o-ring.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 2146
Datsun Roadster 68 Turn Signal Switch

4 wire plug 68 turn signal switch with separate wire. No need to solder wires or change plugs. This is the real deal.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 2201
Datsun Roadster 1968 Headlight Switch

Complete headlight switch with the correct bezel and knob. If you have a single row fuse box in your glove compartment then this is the correct switch.

Click here,to view other switch.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 2202
Datsun Roadster 69 / 70 Headlight Switch

Complete assembly with the correct bezel and knob. Be sure to check this price with other vendors who supply the switch without the correct knob or bezel.Order by PART# 2202A

If you have a dual row fuse box in your glove compartment then this is the correct switch for your car. Click here,to view other switch.

Electrical Switches
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 2235
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Horn Button Refinishing Pad & Datsun Center Piece

67 1/2 injection molded Horn button pad. Has metal tabs on the back to re-install onto the main metal ring. This pad is sometimes bleached from the sun, cracked, missing a chunk of foam or missing completely.
Order by PART#2235PAD $69.00 This pad supplements the inner "Datsun" plastic center piece.

The inner "Datsun" center piece is often cracked and crazed. The replacement part pictured is a "3D" injection molded exact replica of the original that has been painstakingly painted. We wanted it as original as possible. The back side of the part is stepped like the original, has the molded in key for registration and name "Datsun" is also molded into the back side having the correct letter font. It is NOT a solid acrylic machined piece with simple printing. Our version is as per original Nissan. For the inner Datsun center piece in clear plastic Painted(SEE PHOTO Order by PART# 2235P $69.00

Combo Horn button pad and Painted center piece
Order by PART# 2235COMB $129.00
Now you can completely rebuild the horn button and really finish off the detail like new!

2nd PHOTO: 5th stage of process is complete. Inserts being prepared for final black back round. Finished sample bagged to the left. Step by step procedure to create products as original as possible. That is our protocol!

Electrical Switches
Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 2567
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 - 70 Fuel Sending Unit Locking Plate

67 1/2 - 70 fuel sending unit locking plate
Electrical Switches
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 2580
Datsun Roadster / Fairlady & 320 Pick Up Truck 63 - 67 Horn Button Insert

Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Horn button insert. 1ST PHOTO: Clear & transparent plastic injection molded insert with exact, 3D symbol detail in center. Part is concave like original NOT a flat acrylic repro.

2nd PHOTO: Insert laid over original stamped aluminum back piece to show transparency. Stamped piece not included. Shown for reference ONLY

Unpainted version $29.00 ORDER by Part# 2580U Caution: Use of Laquer or Enamel thinners will craze the plastic. Use only Nache water based paints.

3RD PHOTO: Painted version $108.00 temporarily out of stock
ORDER by Part# 2580P

4TH PHOTO: Re-assembled complete horn button NOT for sale. Shown for reference only.This part made at the request of Marc Bouley

NOTE: Unpainted version can be used for 62 - 65 320 pick up trucks. Back round white, D in center blue and red.

Electrical Switches
Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 2647
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 - 70 Fuel tank O-ring & Lockplate

67 1/2 - 70 fuel tank o-ring & lock plate.

Electrical Switches
Engine Room Decals and Stickers
Partnumber: 2705
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 1/2 Fuse Box Sticker

65 - 67 1/2 Fuse Box Cover Decal. Nice art work. Decal is laminated for much greater durability than the stock decal. The hole is cut in the center to slip over the raised boss in the fuse box. Japanese text was scanned at high resolution from perfect original. Photo in thumb nail doesn't do justice to this sticker. The lettering is a rich deep black and as crisp as a Lay's potato chip on the 4th of July! Dress up your original fuse box.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 2713
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 Water temperature sender w/ SAE nut

Water temperature sender with SAE nut & connector which you will need to connect to your wiring harness that only we as a vendor supply.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 2714
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 - 70 Water temperature sender w/ Metric nut

Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 - 70 Water temperature sender w/metric nut & connector which you will need to connect to your wiring harness that only we as a vendor supply.

Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 2783
Datsun Roadster U20 Thermostat Housing W/Sending Unit & Nut

U20 thermostat housing with (2) gaskets 1 w/ground tab, 1 without, temp sending unit w/conversion bullet connector and nut. Assembled with anti seize ready to bolt on.

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