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Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1001

Fuel system parts relate to parts connected to the fuel pump and surrounding lines. 1600 & 2000 carburetor parts are within the fuel system, but have their own sections located on the navigation bar. Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 310 Fuel Pumps. Main differences in the Kyosan fuel pumps is direction of flow and inlet or outlet line diameter. We carry all variants, as you will see, so you don't have to worry about receiving the wrong unit. Fuel insulator blocks with gaskets attached are available if you want to use this instead of re-using your old block. See part #1685. Be sure to always put your insulator block back on with the fuel pump otherwise the pump may become damaged.
Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1128
Datsun Roadster 1600 fuel filter

68-70 R16 Fuel Filter

Electrical Switches
Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1365
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 Fuel Sending Unit

65 - 67 Fuel tank sending unit w/gasket.

Electrical Switches
Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1366
Datsun Roadster Fuel Sending Unit W/Oring

67 1/2 - 70 Fuel tank sending unit with o-ring.NOTE: This is the, correct, sending unit with the tabbed plate to index in the correct position. NOTE:Order by PART# 2366

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1408
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 1500 Rear Panel Grommet

63 - 70 Rear panel grommet. A bit on the shiny side. Originals were more flat in appearance. A flat plastic compatible spray such as Testers hobby spray does the trick.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1646
Datsun Roadster 2000 fuel filter

68 - 70 2000 Fuel filter.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1651
Datsun Fairlady 1500 64 and 65 Fuel Pump

1500 Fuel pump.With gaskets Order by PART# 1651A


Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1652
Datsun Roadster 65,66, 67, 67.5 1600 Fuel Pump

65 - 671/2 1600 Fuel pump. With gaskets Order by PART# 1652A

See part#1651 for important note regarding fuel pumps.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1653
Datsun Roadster 68, 69, 70 1600 Fuel Pump

68 - 70 1600 Fuel pump.With gaskets Order by PART# 1653A

See part#1651 for important info regarding fuel pumps.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1654
Datsun Roadster 67.5, 68, 69, 70 2000 Fuel Pump

671/2 - 70 2000 Fuel pump.With gaskets Order by PART# 1654A

See part#1651 for important info regarding fuel pumps.

Gasket Engine
Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1685
Datsun Fuel pump Spacer Block W/ Gaskets

Fuel pump insulator block with gaskets installed.New fuel pumps are supplied with gaskets. Always check to make sure that your old fuel pump had a spacer block between the fuel pump body and the block. Not having one present will cause a over travel of the fuel pump arm leading to pump failure.

Fuel Systems
Electrical Switches
Partnumber: 1818
Datsun Fuel Tank Sending Unit O-ring

67 1/2 - 70 Fuel tank sending unit o-ring.

Fuel Systems
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 1819
67 1/2 - 69 locking Gas cap rubber gasket Correct 2.28mm Gasket

67 1/2 - 69 gas cap rubber gasket. The manufacturer of the original locking gas caps overseas had 3 versions. One of the two earlier gas caps is pictured on the left and the later version on the right. (See front and back view photos) The gasket offered here, as a replacement, will only fit the 17251-25500, later gas cap. Click here to purchase the early cork gas cap gasket.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1932
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Fuel Neck Hose

Heavy Duty Fuel Neck Hose. Approved by Gates for mild fuel & vapor exposure. 481 sold with no issues reported. Correct length. Precision cut by a machine.

Fuel Systems
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 2019
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady Gas Cap Non- Locking

63 - 69 After market non-locking gas cap. Nice cheap alternative to original which is out of production.

Fuel Systems
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 2148
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 Early Gas Cap Repair Kit #A , #B or 671/2 - 69 Gas Cap Repair Kit #C

Gas cap repair Kit. Ever lose your gas cap rotating door? One day it was there and the next day gone! These gas cap doors have a small post integral to the casting that have a small spring and washer installed over it. At the end of this post the manufacturer simply peened over the end to hold everything together. Eventually, through use,this peened area will break and the door will no longer be held tightly in position. Poor little doors will then vibrate off and become road kill.

No worries or need to throw away your door-less gas cap or even buy a new original gas cap one(MUCHO DINERO). Here is a great little kit!
Contents include: One replacement door, door weatherstrip, spring, washer, set screw, yes you can adjust the tension, miniature bottle of Loc Tite for the set screw to keep the screw from ever backing out and the main sealing gasket for sealing against the filler neck tube. Includes a simple, clear instruction sheet.

Note: There were three different gas caps offered by Nissan. The door and the main body of the gas cap on the earliest variant, #A, is slightly different then #B and #C. Click the 5th photo to open and look closely at the caps pictured. #A is on the left and #B and #C are on the right. Our kit # A uses the late door modified to fit the very early cap body.NOTE: There are some C variant 17251-25500 caps with early door lids. There will be NO counter sunk/recessed area on the main cap body. Please indicate when ordering a early #A door for a late body.

The main body of the gas cap and door on variants #B and #C are almost always the same. The only difference between these two kits is the sealing gasket. The sealing gasket for #B is cork while the sealing gasket for #C is rubber.

PRICE: Kit #A - $89.00 Order by PART#2148A

PRICE: Kit #B - $89.00 Order by PART# 2148B

PRICE: Kit #C - $89.00 Order by PART# 2148C

Please be sure to order the correct kit. Kit #C is for the latest and last version of the gas cap offered by Nissan. Part number 17251-25500.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 2184
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 1500 Fuel Filter, O-ring and Gasket

Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 1500 Fuel Filter, o-ring and gasket.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 2185
Fairlady & Datsun Roadster 63 - 67 1/2 Fuel Filter Gasket

Glass bowl fuel filter cork gasket.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 2189
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady Early Gas Cap Gasket

This part fits the 17251-04101 early gas cap. The photo of the gas caps shows the difference between the early and late gaskets. Early is on the left. Click here if you need the later rubber 17251-25500 gas cap gasket.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 2407
Vintage Fuel Line Clamp

1600 and 2000 vintage fuel line clamp

Electrical Switches
Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 2567
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 - 70 Fuel Sending Unit Locking Plate

67 1/2 - 70 fuel sending unit locking plate

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