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Interior Trim
Soft Tops
Partnumber: 1076
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Soft Top Front Bow Finisher

68-70 Soft Top Bow Replacement Finisher molded in black vacuum formed plastic. You may wish to install this when you're putting on a new top as it will go on easier before installation. This hard plastic finisher mounts on the front bow of your soft top frame and is a wonderful cosmetic addition to the assembly. Easy fit and assembly. Just drill the holes for your soft top clamps, glue in and you are done!


Soft Tops
Partnumber: 1099
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Soft Tops USA Haartz Vinyl & Stayfast Materials


Soft tops found to be defective, upon delivery to you, due to manufacturing defect are replaced directly through the manufacturer not through us.Please take this into consideration before ordering.


High Quality Tops

65-67 1/2, 68-69, 69 1/2 actually 1970 model. High Grade tops are made from quality vinyl or non shrinking durable canvas cloth material. All tops come with original fasteners for the soft top, boot cover or tonneau material. Postie and twisty fasteners for the body side are extra and are not included. Soft top companies do not include the body side fasteners only the top side receivers.

All tops feature a zipper down back window(see photo with window partially zipped down), creating a high pressure flow of air through the car, large side quarter windows for excellent visibility, Velcro tabs for securing sewn in pads.

Photo shows the standard clear back three windows that we keep on hand.

These tops are the material & fasteners soft top side ONLY and do not include the metal frame or bow. Re-use your old frame and soft top clips.

VINYL TOPS WITH ZIPPER down back window


65 - 67 1/2 Vinyl top with zippered rear window and fastener kit. Order by PART#1099VEZ

68 - 69 Vinyl top with zippered rear window and fastener kit.Order by PART#1099VLZ

691/2 actually a 1970 model - SPL311-27001-31350**July 1969-1970 69 1/2 actually a 1970 2000 - SRL311-13001-14450**July 1969-1970 Vinyl top with zippered rear window and fastener kit.Order by PART#1099VL1/2Z




65 - 67 1/2 Stayfast top with zippered rear window.Order by PART#1099SFEZ

68 - 69 Stayfast top with zippered rear window and fastener kit.Order by PART# 1099SFLZ

691/2 actually a 1970 model 1600 - SPL311-27001-31350**July 1969 actually a 1970 model. 69 /12 - 1970 2000 - SRL311-13001-14450**July 1969 actually a 1970 model. Stayfast top with zippered rear window and fastener kit.Order by PART# 1099SFL1/2Z

SPECIAL NOTE:Don't forget to add on the soft top cable push plate kit. See part #2368.

NOTE: Only 1% of our sales each year are returned to find that there is nothing wrong with these products. Use a qualified installer!

Warranty:Prior to beginning installation please check your order to be sure that everything is correct, i.e., year, make, model, color, material, etc. If we sent you the wrong item, we will gladly accept it back for credit or ship you the correct item providing the incorrect item is returned in sale able condition. Once installation has begun no credit or replacement product will be issued for incorrect items.

All products are warranted to be free from material defects and workmanship at the time they were shipped. Warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable. Manufacturer is responsible for the product only and not the installation or removal.

Convertible Tops - Five (6) years. Damage resulting from incorrect installation, improper operation of the top, worn or defective top frames, incorrect cleaning solutions, improper cleaning methods or atmospheric conditions is the responsibility of the installer and/or buyer.

No warranty applies to plastic windows, Velcro, thread, zippers or any other plastic, rubber or metal parts. All convertible top components were new and in working order when the top was shipped.

Convertible Boots Three (3) years.

Warranty Return Policy & Disclaimer From The Top Maker
The following procedure must be followed to receive proper credit or product replacement.
1. Contact the company where you purchased the product. The company that sold the product will need to provide the shipper number, ship date, part number and reason for return. Photographs may be required to support requests for returns.
2.Manufacturer will provide return approval only to the company that purchased the item. Manufacturer will provide a Returned Goods Request Number (RGR). This number must appear on the outside of the box and on all paperwork.
3.The item must be re-packed as it was shipped taking special care with the plastic or glass window.
4.Item must be shipped to manufacturer prepaid. Items received freight collect, COD or without the RGR number on box will be refused.
5.We will gladly correct our mistakes; all other items are subject to a restocking charge to be determined. Manufacturer will consider labor credit on a case-by-case basis. All labor credit requests must be attached to a copy of the original receipt from the company that installed the product.
6.Items won't be accepted for credit if installation was started. Only new, resalable items will be accepted unless the reason for return is a defect in material and/or workmanship. If item is being returned for improper fit, the factory original must be sent to us with the returned item for comparison with our patterns.

NOTE: Because of the varying opinions concerning proper fit, especially when new tops, boot covers and tonneaus are compared to other manufacturers patterns, it has become necessary to refer all warranty questions to the manufacturer. We will field phone calls concerning problems with fit on the initial call that there is a problem. After this call we will provide you with the phone number for the warranty department. You, or your installer, will have to discuss the problem with their warranty personal and request a return authorization for inspection. All grievances, problems and exchanges are between you, the purchaser and the top manufacturer. We will accept absolutely no product back for credit or refund. The manufacturer's decision is the final word in regards to the merchantability of the product.



Soft Tops
Partnumber: 1100
Datsun Roadster / Fairlady Top Boots & Tonneau Covers USA Haartz Brand Vinyl & Stayfast

Top boots & Tonneau covers found to be defective, upon delivery to you, due to manufacturing defect are replaced directly through the manufacturer not through us. Please take this into consideration before ordering.

WARNING Before Purchasing:NOTE: Only 1% of our sales each year are returned to find that there is nothing wrong with these products. Use a qualified installer! Warranties and Refunds on "defective product" are only given upon inspection by the source company. If no deviation in the pattern is found, the product will be returned to you freight collect. For more information read the source companies warranty info at Part# 1099.

Top Boots

63-67 1/2, 68-70. Fasteners for the material are included.

Vinyl 63 - 671/2 Order by PART# 1100C $210.00

Stay-fast black cloth 63 - 671/2 Order by Part# 1100D $320.00

Vinyl 68 - 70 Order by PART#

Stay-fast 671/2 - 70 Order by PART# 1100D $320.00

Tonneau Covers 63 - 70

63 - 671/2 Tonneau Covers do not come with head rest covers. If there are any in the box just throw them away.

68-70 Tonneau covers come with head rest covers not installed. They are separate in the box to be sewn in by you or a installer. Most people like the cleaner look without the head rests and their covers in place and remove the head rests from their car when they use a tonneau. If you want the head rest covers sewn in we can provide them this way. However you should read the following:
The reason we do not have the head rest covers installed is because the seat positions have often been moved and the pitch of the seats altered enough to make it nearly impossible for the manufacturer to sew in the head rest covers in such a manner to where the tonneau will fit properly, on all cars 50 years after the fact, without areas where there will be sagging. Your tonneau should fit like a tailored suit and be tight as a drum when installed. It is just not possible to have the head rest boot covers sewn in to match every seat position and pitch and still have a water tight outcome and proper finished look. Original Nissan tonneau's had the head rest covers sewn in albeit at a time when seat positions and pitch were in original positions.

After reading this Tonneau's ordered with the boot covers sewn in place are NOT returnable for lack of fitment of the head rests

Fasteners for the material are included.

63 - 70 Vinyl Order by PART# 1100E$250.00

63 - 70 Stay-fast black clothOrder by PART# 1100F$330.00

Outer Tan/Inner Tan Stayfast available special order allow 3 weeks add $40.00 to listed pricing

Outer White/Inner Black Vinyl available special order allow 2 weeks add $30.00 to listed pricing


Soft Tops
Partnumber: 1425
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady Soft Top Weatherstrip

63 - 70 Soft top front bow weatherstrip. This can also be used as the front seal for those customers who are using a hard top.

Want to get a new top? Click here, to go to soft tops.

Soft Tops
Interior Trim
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 1433
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Twisty

63 - 70 Twisty. 10 required for the car. This number does not include back shelf area inside of car. Buy in whatever quantity you wish.

Soft Tops
Interior Trim
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 1763
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Postie

63 - 70 postie.

Soft Tops
Partnumber: 1793
Postie Grommet

Postie fastener grommet. This part mates to part#1763. 1 to 6 pieces only

Soft Tops
Partnumber: 1794
Twisty Grommet

Twisty fastener grommet. This part mates to part#1433. 1 to 6 pieces only

Soft Tops
Partnumber: 1795
Boot Cover Button Snap

Soft top boot cover snap 1 to 6 pieces only

Soft Tops
Partnumber: 2178
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Soft Top Cable Plates

63 - 70 Cable plates. These are the LH and RH plates that attach to the spring cables that pass through the soft top material. These plates attach to the receptacles just aft of the rear door jam allowing the soft top to hug the door glass. Important for sealing the window and keeping the weather out.Hole Accepts 3/16" Pop Rivet.
$48.00 PR

Soft Tops
New Products
Partnumber: 2209
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Rear Deck Tear Drop Fastener
US Made - Limited Production Run

Soft Top, Boot & Tonneau flat Bar - Rear Deck Fastener

Note: Sold in pairs only. Nissan never supplied the hardware to install this part. We now include stainless hardware at no extra charge and thin gaskets that go between the body and the bottom of each fastener.
Designed and created by Brian Kippen at Kad Models. Made out of 316 stainless steel which resists corrosion. Will not break like originals or pit or corrode.
Beautifully polished and faithful pieces.

Try to guess which is the Nissan original and which is the repro in the 1st photo.

Only 2 tear drop fasteners and 2 tear drop gaskets are included in this kit along with the hardware.
Nissan originals elsewhere going for $278.00 per pair without gaskets or hardware!


$154.00 PR

Soft Tops
Partnumber: 2216
Datsun Roadster Soft Top Cables

These are the "STRETCHABLE" cables featured in our 2368 Cable plate kit. You come up with the hardware pieces and buy these separately. Comes with 4 eyelets for the spring ends not pictured. Sold as a pair.Must be cut to fit the early and late cars..
$65.00 PR

Soft Tops
Partnumber: 2368
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 65 - 70 Soft Top Hardware - Kit

Kit includes: 2 stainless steel springs, longer length, to cover early and late cars, 4 - eyelets, 2 - push plates LH and RH & 2 push plate posts. Also comes with a full detailed instruction sheet.

This hardware is often missing from the old soft top.

This kit replaces the hard to find system of sealing the soft top to the top of the door glass during a heavy rain. Stretchable cables, similar to the original cables, pass through a slot in most better soft top patterns. One end is fastened to the edge of the front bow, via a small screw, while the other is connected to a push plate that secures to a receiver inside the rear pillar behind the seat. When tension is created, via the spring, the soft top conforms to the top edge of the window thus creating a effective seal.NOTE:These tension cables are NOT generic steel cables that do not stretch that are sold at hardware stores.

Don't be incomplete with your restoration at the car show!
$129.00 PR

Soft Tops
Partnumber: 2392
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Tear Drop Rear Deck Fastener Gaskets

Don't forget to pick up a pair of these rear deck tear drop gaskets.

These gems are included when you purchase the tear drop fasteners from us and also when you purchase any one of our full weatherstrip kits.
US made NOT Thailand

Soft Tops
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 2394
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Twisty and Postie - Kit

Re- new the exterior soft top trim pieces with this 6 twisty and 10 postie kit. Includes all the hardware & the small protective washers.

Soft Tops
Rubber parts
Partnumber: 2545
Datsun Roadster Twitiy & Postie Protective Washer- SET OF 16

These protective washers go underneath each postie & twisty where they meet the painted area of the body. They are included when you purchase new posties and twisty's. If you are re-using your old hardware then this kit is perfect and will keep you from damaging your new paint job. Enough washers are supplied to fit all 10- posties and 6 twisty's that interface with the painted areas of the body.

Soft Tops
New Products
Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 2825
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2
304 Stainless Soft Top Clips PAIR

Gorgeous 304 stainless steel reproduction soft top clips of the sturdy & safe 67 1/2 design. Picture does not do them justice.
Completely compatible with the early models. Far safer than the early, wire loop, design which had the latch arm, when fastened, ready to impale your skull in an accident, especially if you didn't upgrade your seat belts to the later shoulder harness set.
2 latches and 2 receivers. Price is for a pair.

New Products
Soft Tops
Partnumber: 2849
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Soft Top Clip Set of 6

68 - 70 reproduction soft top clips. 3 clips for the top of the windshield and 3 clips that mount on the soft top frame.
Soft Tops
New Products
Partnumber: 2852
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Windshield Soft Top Clip Stainless Fsstener Kit

Soft top clip Soft top Bow Side stainless fastener kit (set of 9 piece). 9 pan head machine screws, 9 washers and 9 lock washers.

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