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Partnumber: 1299
Datsun Roadster 69, 70 Idler Arm Assembly Cap

69-70 Late Style Idler Arm Rubber Cap
69 / 70 Late Style Idler Arm Rubber Cap. Super hard to find!!!! Protect your Idler Arm Assembly from water and dirt contamination causing damage and premature wear.

1 piece.

Partnumber: 1584
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Left Hand Tie Rod Nissan

All years. LH Tie rod assembly.

Partnumber: 1600
Datsun Roadster tie rod boot

Urethane 63 - 70 tie-rod/center drag link boot.

Suspension Kits and Packages
Steering Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1601
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Suspension Boot Cover Kit - After Market

63 - 70 (10 piece) Urethane boot kit. 6 tie-rod (smallest), 2 - upper ball joint (medium size) and 2 - lower ball joint boots. (largest size)in the kit.NOTE: These boots are like the early boots that fit 63 - 67 1/2 cars. They do not snap into a groove like the 68 - 70 boot covers or have a o ring to hold them into place. They can be used on 68 70 cars as they are a compression seal.

Partnumber: 1722
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Early & Late Steering Box Seal - Kit

63 - 69 Early "worm and peg & "re-circulating ball" Steering box seal kit.

Steering Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1884
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - Early 69 Early Idler Box Bushing & Seal Kit

63 - Early 69 Early Idler box bushing seal kit. Top cap is about 2 1/2" in width. Includes bottom nut Bottom bushing needs to be honed professionally as it is undersized.

Steering Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1885
Datsun Roadster 69 1/2 - 70 Late Idler Box Bushing & Seal kit

69 1/2 - 70 Late Idler box bushing & seal kit. Top cap is about 1 1/2" in diameter. Includes bottom nut Bottom bushing needs to be honed professionally as it is undersized.
Partnumber: 1894
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Lower Idler Arm Bushing

Lower Idler, steel backed, bronze bushing.

Steering Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1919
Datsun Roadster Lower Idler Box Minor Seal & Bushing Kit

Lower idler arm seal and bushing. If your upper threaded bushing is rusted or worn out, if your cap is completely missing, or if your idler shaft is worn, then this kit will only temporarily fix, if at all, your idler assembly.

To see more comprehensive kits click here, and click here,

Partnumber: 1935
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 1500 Lower Idler Box Seal

63 - 70 Idler Box CORRECT Lower seal.This seal has compressibility built into the design for sealing purposes. As the idler arm rotates the seal compresses tighter. You cannot use a rubber washer or a grommet, as other vendors are selling, to keep water out as it will loosen and lose it's seal allowing water to splash the lower housing area.

Partnumber: 2149
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 69 1/2 Worm & Roller Early Steering Box Housing Gasket

Early Steering Box Housing Gasket. Our gasket maker has recommended this heavy duty replacement gasket, hence forth the darker color of the material.

Partnumber: 2156
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 1500 63 - Early 69 Steering Box Rebuild Kit - Minor

Early steering box rebuild kit. Bearing, seal and gasket kit to refresh a good used Type A steering box. Great if your worm is still in good shape. One bearing has been displayed in its three piece form. The sector shaft, upper and lower, bushings are no longer supplied.

Partnumber: 2190
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Early Steering Box Fill Plug

Clear/transparent filler plug for all early 63 - early 69 worm & roller steering boxes. Cap has Japanese writing on the end.

Partnumber: 2284
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 1500 63 - 67 1/2

Steering column upper and lower bushing set. Assemble with white grease and assemble top bushing slowly onto column.

Partnumber: 2320
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 1500 Idler Cap

63 - Early 69 Idler box cap. Genuine Nissan. Keep water out of you idler box.

Partnumber: 2329
Datsun Steering Zerk Fitting 90 Degree

Use this for the Idler box, tie rods and center drag link.
$3.90 EA

Partnumber: 2355
Datsun Roadster 69 1/2 - 70 Steering Box Cap - Later Style

Re-circulating ball late steering box cap. May come in "see through" clear.

Partnumber: 2359
Datsun Roadster 69 1/2 - 70 Steering Box Cap - Original Style

Datsun Roadster 69 1/2 - 70 Steering Box Cap Re-circulating ball late steering box cap.

Partnumber: 2486
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Steering Box Sector Shaft

Early, type A, steering box sector shaft with peg and bearings assembled.

New Products
Partnumber: 2693
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Aftermarket Center Drag Linkage US Made

US made center drag link. All NEW parts nothing rebuilt or re-used.

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