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Interior Trim
Partnumber: 1292
Datsun Roadster Dash Pad - Foam & Vinyl Default Black Deluxe Version 65 - 67 1/2 w/Stainless steel screw set AFTER MARKET USA

Ed Mason - WINNER BEST OF SHOW SOLVANG 2008 Ed's car,(PHOTO NUMBER 3 AND 4),contained the interior parts we carry including our deluxe dash. Just look how well the trim ring fits!! "Best of Show" is above all other winners even in the low windshield class.

Now in our 24th run of repro dashes. We have added a few photos of our fiberglass, foam and vinyl covered version of our dash installed in a 671/2 2000 to give a idea of the final look and fit. Soft, supple covering is very realistic and nice looking.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Best always after receiving and looking at your dash to leave it in the plastic bag and bubble wrap and box until ready to use to prevent damage through contact with tools, sharp objects that can dent or make an impression in the foam & vinyl

Each Dash is test fitted for accuracy and ease of assembly. Each Dash also comes with a straight forward professional instruction sheet. The mounting hole for the early mirror is not pre-cut. You can use this dash on all 65-67 1/2. All the mounting hole areas are marked on the dash and are pre-drilled. The hole locations for the tonneau cover twisties are marked on the underside of the dash and are not drilled as some customers choose not to use a tonneau cover and prefer a cleaner look without the twistie holes.

Newest version our 65-67, 67.5 fiberglass reproduction foam and vinyl covered dash.

FIRST PHOTO: Here is just one recent comment about our dash from a professional restoration shop."I would like to thank Dean for supplying such quality parts. I have owned and operated a Z car restoration shop here in Phoenix Arizona. We recently took on a 66 roadster project. A first for us here at the Z shop. So ,you might understand my concern on ordering parts for a car 42 years old. On the advise of others , I called Dean and ordered his replacement padded dash assembly. It showed up right on time and came with a nice set of instructions. Pictures were included for the steps as I went along and were greatly appreciated. I simply followed the instructions and in no time the new pad was installed. I must admit that the pads fit and finish was better than I had hoped for. The fit along the chrome ring of the dash was surprising!! Thanks again Dean....keep up the good work!!!" Gary Meekins, Phoenix, Arizona.

PHOTO 3: "Great dash. Trim ring fits terrific!" W. Espanioli, Canada.

PHOTO 5 & 6: Shot from outside of the mounted windshield frame, the beautiful detail of the defroster area.

PHOTO 7: Similar vinyl to original Royal Moroccan finish. Vinyl appears gray, but is actually black.

PHOTOS 8 & 10: Show a original Nissan dash for comparison of the finish and contour.

The Marin Sonoma Concours d’Elegance Announces the 2013 Winners List

Class J – Japanese Manufacture through 1985 1st place: 1967 Datsun SRL 311 Sport 2000 Convertible, Edward Mason, Aztec, NM

2nd place: 1967 Datsun SRL 311 Sport 2000 Convertible, Mike Young, San Francisco, CA


Stainless dash screw,washer and lock washer set of 20. Click here, to view this kit.

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