here for Su 2000 Nissan Gasket set and click here for SU/Solex 2000 combined Nissan Gasket set.">

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Gasket Engine
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1325
Datsun Roadster 2000 SUPER DELUXE Engine Gasket - Sets

67 1/2, 68 - 70 Supplemented Deluxe Full U20 Engine Gasket Sets

The most complete, highest quality sets in the industry. We include gaskets and parts even the factory left out.

These Deluxe gasket sets are hand built with genuine Nissan parts or superior custom made gaskets where applicable. We have tooled and remade a number of the gaskets in the photo and created them in heat resistant nitrile rubber or newer composite material. Thicker than original many of these gaskets qualify as re-usable.

Head gasket has a rear oil gallery and front sealing material often not present on other gaskets.
A Brass freeze plug set is included in both sets along with a jack shaft retaining plate.

Sets are specifically built to SU or SOLEX Versions. So choose from the part numbers below to suit your engine

List of gaskets:
Parts break down of all the gaskets included in both kits. Click the thumbnail of each photo to see which gaskets come with each kit: .093 metal sheath composite Int/Ext, 6 - block freeze plugs, 1-Jack shaft plug, 4 - .062 SU carb insulator block, 2 - Nitrile re-usable SU Carb to air filter, 4 - Solex inner carb insulator, 4 - Solex outer carb insulator, .125 Nitrile/cork oil pan, inner water pump, fuel pump phenolic with gaskets attached, outer water pump, distributor o-ring, distributor housing, oil pump, 3 hole header collector, 2- Solex Carb to Air filter, inspection cover, oil filter housing, 2 - thermostat housing with metal ground strap, 2- timing cover, front timing cover seal, up tensioner, upper tensioner inner (NOT SHOWN), oil pan nut washer, rocker cover hose fitting, head gasket, valve cover gasket, 8 - valve stem seals, 2 - Solex water tube, radiator cap, nitrile oil filler cap,2 - valve cover grommets - no longer included, 2 - lower tensioner, 2 - side bearing cap seals, 2 - premium rope seals. Solex Carb insulators as well as Su phenolic block gaskets.

Deluxe gasket set for SU $535.51 Order by PART# 1325SU

Deluxe kit gasket set for Solex $625.51 Order by PART# 1325SOL

Interested in only the Nissan versions of these kits? Click here for Su 2000 Nissan Gasket set and click here for SU/Solex 2000 combined Nissan Gasket set.

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