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Partnumber: 1420
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 63 - 70 Door Rubber NOT MADE IN THAILAND

63 - 70 Aftermarket Door rubber kit. Nissan counterparts do not allow the doors to close properly. This is a (roll of the wheel weatherstrip. The doors close just fine with this weatherstrip. Does both sides. Has round sealing weather strip.

INSTRUCTIONS:Carefully open up the vinyl-ed U channel of the weather-strip with a screwdriver. Work along the length of the weather-strip.(SEE PHOTO) This will help ease the u-channel over the metal flange on the car and keep you from pushing the vinyl trim out of position that is glued to this area. In order to turn corners with this new weather strip it is necessary to bevel cut the metal/vinyl-ed portion, NOT the bulb, to allow the weather strip to fit with ease at 90 degree angled points. (SEE PHOTO) Insert the aluminum channel trim pieces that fit over the original weather strip onto the vinyl-ed portion of the new weathers strip.(SEE PHOTO) Secure into the wall of the flange with the original Phillips head screws. The 2nd photo is how the weather strip should appear when installed onto the car.

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$42.00 PR

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