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Partnumber: 2116
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Front Lowering Spring
My Regular Comp Spring


Compare this spring to ones being sold for $235.00. Material shortages are not effecting the price of our springs as they are made by engineers at Duer Carolina Coil in South Carolina.
Your car will sit at the same height as the MY / JT spring and has the same rate. I guess you could call this a Mike Young replica spring as customers have remarked, but this spring stands on its own.
Excellent ride, stability and comfort. Perfect height/stiffness compromise. Firm ride, but not harsh.

To order this spring set with the O-ring pads Order by PART# 2116PAD $175.00

This spring is not the Super Comp 2113 spring. This spring lowers the car 1.250.

Springs rates were tested on a US made calibrated Larson Flash 36 load tester rated with a 5,000lb cell which cost $90,000. Not tested on a $1,000.00 Summit Nascar cage less spring tester used by those parsimonious vendors working out of their garages. Wire hardness tested on a US made Newage calibrated Brinell hardness tester 7000

This spring brings greater diversity to our suspension kits and make it easier for one stop shopping for all our supplemental add on suspension delights!

EXPANATION OF PHOTOGRAPHS: Measurements were taken at 90 degrees through the centerline of the wheel. Depending on how and what roads you drive on you may wish to modify the bumps stops for clearance up to 1 inch. Tool used to measure the bump stop clearance was positioned upside down, decibel point on the right, for ease of photography. Both are fine springs and are very close to each other in height and bump stop clearance. Nissan short bump stops were used on the test car
Measurements were witnessed by 311 participants


Steve Jordon - "Great springs superior ride to what I had in there before"

Victor Stein - "The only place to buy parts. Very happy with them and the pricing.

Harlan Katz - I like the ride of these springs. Not hard at all.

Steve Schmidt - Beautiful springs pound for pound as good as the Mike Young springs that came with my 2.0

Jeff English - Dean you make it hard for someone to choose a spring, having so many to choose from, so I bought the 2116 Mike Young comparable spring and the Datsun replica spring. I like them both...especially like the Datsun replica sticker that came with the 2103!!!

Joseph R Delia - Just received my set. Love the spring pads perfect fit clearances as represented and the ride really nice. Will move on to the rear springs. Which one do your recommend the 158 or 185 lb?

Bill Bourne - Thanks Deano for making this available they are what the car needed.

Skip Madison - Southern hospitality says join me for dinner. Your parts are hands down great. Never a disappointment. Pairing these with my carbon fiber rears for even better performance. Ever down here join us buddy.

Tom Wienert - What's with the Mike Young spring pricing these days "there must be gold in them hills"? This just goes to show you don't have to pay an exorbitant fee for a good solid product and I don't have to wait or chase anyone around for a common item.

Bob Kulow - These springs fit like a glove into their receptacles in the car. Nice amount of lowering and great look. Paired with the bump stops NICE!

Peter Dupree - Always a smorgasbord of parts to choose from. No fat poured. Now to change the old shocks out. I'm on a diet of offerings...!

Sven Norvitz - Fitting very good and performance excellent. Expensive to ship overseas but good value

Rick Parshall - Car handles real nice. Good job on the spring isolators.

Shiro Kato - Everything well We need Koni Datsun originals to complement.

Ricard Santillan - Since you asked, I like this spring. I haven't completely decided yet as I really dig the 2103 spring you just came up with.

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