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Gasket Engine
Partnumber: 2172
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 65 - 67 1600 Head - Set

65 - 67 Early head set early seals no longer included. 3 hole thermostat housing. Note: This set can be used for the 63 - 65 1500 Fairlady. This part number contains the individual piece count, from the Nissan parts list included with their kit, that Nissan chose to supply for the R16 motor in their R16 full gasket kit. The items, quantities are as they supplied. No extra pieces have been added or deleted. NOTE: This kit contains both Nissan and some aftermarket gaskets I offer The intake exhaust is our now famous 1287 heavy duty gasket. Take note that the Nissan kit is incomplete and is missing some parts. We want to be up front and disclose some of the parts we felt they left out. We offer this kit so you can have what the factory felt you needed and to stay competitive in the market in terms of pricing. To see a more complete kit click here to view this kit.

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