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Restoration Products
Customer Rewards Program
Body parts
Partnumber: 1797
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 1500 Body/Frame mounting pad 15 Piece Set AFTER MARKET USA (R/L/F)REW

$40.00REW Body frame mounting pad set.These have correct thickness and are a proven part.NOTE: These are not just a stamped rubber pad that will eventually compress. There are layers of cloth strengthening mesh impregnated in the center of the square that inhibits the rubber from flattening under load.
This part act as a cushion between the car body and the car frame. Manufactured with strengthening layers similar to the originals and properly act as a cushion between the car body and the car frame. Buy as a set or extras open stock for shimming. Set of 15. Others sell only 14. 1 extra pad is supplied in case a shim is needed.

Body parts
Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 1921
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Door Glass Limiter/stopper door window - PAIR USA

Carbon fiber composite door glass limiter. The height of your door glass is set and adjustable by using this piece which is mounted in line with the channel in the door. Usually missing, cracked or over cranked and split after years of abuse. You may or may not need these. Nice strong replacement for the originals.
$23.09 PR

Body parts
Partnumber: 1967
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 1500 Front Bumper Stays 63 - 70

Sold as a pair.
Thicker steel than the original
No Krylon paint job on these. These are powder coated
It doesn't take a Nuclear scientist to make these Y pay more!

Body parts
Rubber parts
Partnumber: 1991
Datsun Roadster 68-70 Trunk Floor Boot

68 - 70 Trunk floor Boot sometimes referred to as a grommet.

Part fits around both sides of trunk floor. LIFETIME WARRANTY BETTER THAN NISSAN

Body parts
Partnumber: 1993
Datsun Roadster Fender Polished Stainless Bolt Kit USA(Y/L/R)

Complete set of 24 polished stainless Steel bolts to hold the fenders on Datsun 1500, 1600 and 2000 Roadsters. The fender to body mount bolts have the correct thread, correct head with the correct Phillips recess. Each fender requires 12 screws. Stainless washers, lock washers and nuts are provided as per original application. The screws can be installed and painted with the car or they can be installed as is as they are already a bright polished finish.

Restoration Products
Body parts
Partnumber: 1998
Datsun Roadster Rear Bumper Stays/Brackets AFTER MARKET USA(Y/L/M)

Replica Rear bumper stays/brackets. Precision Heavy duty formed steel, laser cut and powder coated.NOTE: Center Z is no longer included in this set just the two end pieces.

Body parts
Partnumber: 2284
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 1500 63 - 68AFTERMARKET USA

Steering column upper and lower bushing set. Assemble with white grease and assemble top bushing slowly onto column.

Restoration Products
Body parts
Rubber parts
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 2635
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Door Stop Rubber Pair

Door stop replacement rubbers PAIR. Rare and hard to find rubber stoppers that are a vital part of the door stoppers that limit the extended movement of the door when opened. Often hard and cracked (SEE PHOTO) these beauties are a must for any thorough restoration. People often replace the entire assembly (SEE PHOTO) at a whopping $187.00 just because the rubber has gone bad.
Brag about them at the meets. Get extra points at the show and shine for diligence and originality. The only thing we won't get back from this is Dean's tooling cost. Enjoy!
NOTE: Full door stop assembly shown for reference only and is not included.This part made at the request of Tim Waltz

Interior Trim
Restoration Products
Body parts
Partnumber: 2666
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 Firewall Panel Kit

Nice new waterproof panel board precision die cut here in the USA especially made for, you and your firewall. Why not finish off your detailed restoration that puts you in the top ten at the Roadster meet!

Restoration Products
Body parts
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 2667
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Firewall Panel Kit

Nice new waterproof panel board precision die cut here in the USA especially made for, you and your firewall. Why not finish off your detailed restoration that puts you in the top ten at the Roadster meet!

Body parts
Interior Trim
Restoration Products
Partnumber: 2668
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Firewall Panel Kit

Nice new waterproof panel board precision die cut here in the USA especially made for, you and your firewall. Why not finish off your detailed restoration that puts you in the top ten at the Roadster meet! NOTE: This kit contains the extra hole location for the choke cables specific for the 68 model. The plug can be left in place for the 69/70 models and removed for the 68 model and vice-versa with the plug for the choke on the 69/70 models.

Body parts
Partnumber: 2721
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 Early Aluminum Door Trim AFTER MARKET(G/L/R)

Reproduction LH & RH 65 - 67 door trims. Pieces have the correct embossing.

In the advent of any problems, the manufacturer of this product handles all warranties and exchanges directly through their manufacturing plant

Body parts
Partnumber: 2763
Datsun Roadster Door Aluminum Trim Screw Kit AFTERMARKET (Y/L/R)

Stainless steel oval head door trim fastener kit (20)

Body parts
Partnumber: 2764
Datsun Roadster Aluminum Door Jam Thin Trim Around Door Rubber Stainless Steel Screw Kit AFTERMARKET (Y/L/R)

Stainless steel round head screw set of (18)

Body parts
Partnumber: 2765
Datsun Roadster Door Rocker Panel Sill Aluminum Trim Stainless Steel Fastener Kit AFTERMARKET (Y/L/R)

Stainless Steel fastener kit. (10) round head screws for the door sill trim.

Body parts
Partnumber: 2766
Datsun Roadster Aluminum Trim Fastener Kit For Door & Sill Kit AFTERMARKET

Stainless steel fastener kit for Door & Rocker Panel Sill aluminum trim kit. (20) oval head & (10) round head.

Body parts
Partnumber: 2767
Dastun Roadster Full Aluminum Trim Fastener Kit AFTERMARKET(Y/L/R)

Stainless steel fastener kit for full aluminum trim kit. (20) oval head screws & (28) round head screws.

Body parts
Partnumber: 2806
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Economy Car Cover

1 layer DUST polypropylene cover. Water resistant to a degree. Water will penetrate eventually. Generic dust protection not for extended outdoor use in wet environments. Great for indoor or car port use.

New Products
Interior Trim
Body parts
Partnumber: 2828
Datsun Roadster Dull Aluminum Spray Plus Satin Overcoat 2 Cans Included
67 1/2, 68 - 70

Dull aluminum spray that matches the original Nissan aluminum paint that was used to dull down the 67 1/2 windshield frame pieces, sun visor hardware, door opener escutcheon plates, shift plate trim etc. Also used on the small 68 - 70 bezels that hold the electrical switches, choke & throttle mechanisms in place and the ashtray and slider.
Included with this can is a necessary satin finish (non yellowing) seal coat if you want the aluminum to be preserved with a protective overcoat.


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