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Partnumber: 1224

The actuating choke, hand throttle and hood cables in this section are all OEM original maker for NISSAN and come with original bezels. There are 2 distinct, original, bezels which are pictured in the first 2 thumb nails to the left of this text. The first is used on all of the early 63 - 67 1/2 cables and it is also used on all the hood cables from 63 - 70 as well as some of the dash switches, 671/2 wiper switch and other dash functions on the early cars.

The second bezel pictured in the thumbnail is used all 68 - 70 choke and hand throttle cables. They are also used on the different operating switches on the dash of these late year cars. Light, wiper, S/brake etc.

The 3rd, bottom, photo is the newer, incorrect, generic style bezel that is often seen on the cables made in the 90's from Nissan. This is often what suppliers are offering on their cables. We do offer generic version cables along with original bezel versions in this section

Both the bezels on the top will come available soon in kits to dress up your old switches and cables on 65 - 67, 67 1/2 & 68 - 70 model year cars as your bezels may be pitted, missing or of the newer variant that Nissan offered late in the game.

ALL the cables in this section come with the original looking knobs unless stated generic "NEW STYLE". They also come with a correct, factory grommet for the firewall to insulate you from the engine room.

U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1243
Datsun Roadster / Fairlady / 510 SU Choke Cable Assemblies -

Original choke cables with original looking Heavy Duty injection molded replica knobs

These Nissan choke cables are the longer 2000 choke cables. The longer casings can be trimmed when the ends fray. On the 1500 and the 1600 this translates into a longer lasting assembly.

NOTE: Original cables with correct bezels and knobs pictured.

64 - 671/2 order by PART# 1243A

68 order by PART#1243B

69 & 70 order by PART# 1243C

Click here, for generic, NEW STYLE cheaper version.

click here, for original click type mechanism.

$225.00 EA

Partnumber: 1313
Datsun Roadster Hand Throttle Cables - Correct & Proper Length

68-70 Hand Throttle Cable Assemblies

These throttle cable assemblies mount under the headlight switch in the original position as per Nissan!!! No need to switch another shorter hand throttle cable with your choke cables. Long out of production!!! These O.E.M. N.O.S cables are the correct length and have the correct original style bezels. Found in Japan at a local warehouse. Please specify by part number below for 68, 69 or 70 when ordering as the knobs are different. Yes the knobs come with the assemblies no need to purchase them separately. A little piece of history and originality!!! Click here, for 67 1/2 throttle cable.

68 Order by PART# 1313A

69 Order by PART# 1313B

70 Order by PART# 1313C

$201.00 EA

Partnumber: 1317
Datsun Roadster Cables

68-70 Actuating Cables

Long out of production. Get those functions working again!!

OUT/IN Order by PART# 1317A

HOT/COLD Order by PART# 1317B


$35.00 EA

Engine Seals
Electrical Firing
Partnumber: 1574
Distributor Tachometer Nut Minor Oil Seal - Kit

Distributor housing Tachometer drive seal kit. O-ring and inner shaft seal. Renewing with this kit helps solve, at least some of the issues, from tachometer cables filling up with engine oil.

Transmission 5 Speed
Transmission 4 Speed
Partnumber: 1778
Datsun Roadster Speedometer Cable 4 Speed & 5 Speed Transmission

65- 70 Speedometer cable. One longer length for both the 1600 and 2000.

For superior sealing use our new inner seal Click here to view this part.

Engine external
Partnumber: 1779
Datsun Roadster Tachometer Cable - OLD STYLE

65 - 70 Tachometer cable. "Old style" More flexible housing. NOTE: Our cable does not have the abysmal aluminum shield that makes it difficult to install so it is not necessary to modify this cable as is the case with the B5055-A3302 that also has no seal. This cable also comes with an inner seal to keep the oil from traversing the cable into the tachometer part# 25055-A3301


Partnumber: 1790
Datsun Roadster Accelerator cable

Carburetor accelerator drum cable. All 1600/2000

Partnumber: 1805
Datsun Roadster Nissan SU 1600 & 2000 Choke Cable Assembly - NEW STYLE

65 - 70 2000. Newer style choke cable assembly. Also suitable for 1600 and and dual carburetor version of the 1500. Longer 2000 variant. Note: generic knob and bezel in the foreground. Click here, for deluxe original looking cables with correct bezels and knobs. The choice is yours. Click here, for original click type mechanism.

Rubber parts
Partnumber: 1806
Choke Cable Grommet US MADE NOT THAILAND

Twin choke cable firewall grommet also used for Solex choke cable. Block off one hole with weatherstrip adhesive or silicone. Fits holes 1 1/4 to 1 3/8.

Partnumber: 1807
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Solex Choke Cable Assembly - Old Style

67 1/2 Solex choke cable assembly with correct knob and bezel..

NOTE:Cable comes with part# 1806 firewall grommet

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 1808
Datsun Roadster 68 Solex Choke Cable - Old Style

68 Solex carburetor choke cable assembly with correct knob and bezel.

NOTE:Cable comes with part# 1806 firewall grommet.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 1809
Datsun roadster 69, 70 Solex Carburetor Choke Cable - Old Style

69/70 Solex Choke cable assembly with correct knob and bezel.

NOTE:Cable comes with part# 1806 firewall grommet

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 1810
Datsun Roadster Solex Carburetor Choke Cable - New Style

Generic knob and bezel, new style, Solex choke cable assembly.

ORDER by Part# 1810G

NOTE:Cable comes with firewall grommet.

Partnumber: 1814
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Throttle Cable Assembly Old Style

67 1/2 Throttle cable assembly with knob and correct bezel old style.

NOTE:Cable comes with part#2374 firewall grommet.

Generic knob & bezel washer new Style version Order by PART# 1814G$149.00

Engine Seals
Electrical Firing
Partnumber: 1902
Datsun Roadster Tachometer & Speedometer Cable Inner Rubber Seal - OLD STYLE

Use this in conjunction with the newer style, white, hard plastic seal, with large hole in the center, used on ALL current Datsun Roadster Tachometer & speedometer cables except our tachometer cable designated as old style which already includes this seal. When purchasing the 1778 speedometer cable be sure to add this on to your order.

This proprietary tooled, nitrile rubber replacement will seal much better than the current Nissan offering.

Transmission 5 Speed
Transmission 4 Speed
Transmission Seals
Partnumber: 1909
Datsun Speedometer Sleeve O-ring & Inner Seal

4 speed & 5 speed transmission speedometer sleeve o-ring & inner seal

Partnumber: 1924
Datsun Roadster 68 Hood Cable Assembly

Datsun Roadster 68 Hood Cable Assembly. All our cables come with the correct knobs and the original bezels. Generic Nissan 63 - 68 assembly available see PART# 2296

Partnumber: 2171
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady NOS Original SU Choke Cable Gear to Lock Mechanism

Datsun Roadster & Fairlady original click style gear mechanism choke cable assemblies with correct original bezels old style. No turn and twist to lock like the newer series. Simply pull to desired choke position and the gear and locking mechanism holds the position.

These were found in a NOS warehouse in Japan. Some have the yellow part number labels partially intact. This means you can have a early mechanism on a late car.

All these cables come with a two hole firewall grommet, correct bezel. These cables assemblies come with a generic knob held in with a roll pin. To use an original knob with these assemblies you must drill the existing hole with a #42 drill and tap with a 4/40 tap. Original knobs are available in the knob section.

Use part numbers in the text below to order the correct cable for your car.

Click here, to view newer "turn to lock" cables with the generic knob and bezel.

Click here, to view newer "turn to lock " cables with original bezels and knobs.

65 - 67 1/2 Order by PART# 2171A

68 Order by PART# 2171B

69/70 Order by PART# 2171C

Partnumber: 2296
Datsun Roadster 63 - 68 Generic Knob OEM to Nissan Hood Cable

Generic knob hood cable is back in stock. Knob that comes with the assembly may vary from what is pictured. Turn & twist to remove.New style Affordable replacement cable for 63 - 68 cars.

Transmission 4 Speed
Partnumber: 2583
Datsun Roadster 1600 Transmission Pin for 90 degree Speedo Adaptor

Pin - 90 degree speedo cable adapter for 4 speed transmission.

Partnumber: 2584
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2 Bezel Finisher

65 - 67 1/2 OEM NOS bezel finisher for cables assemblies wiper switch.

Transmission 5 Speed
Transmission 4 Speed
Partnumber: 2663
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Inner Tachometer & Speedometer Pinion Seal

Inner tachometer and inner speedometer seal.

Engine Seals
Electrical Firing
Engine external
Partnumber: 2687
Datsun Roadster Tach Drive & Cable Seal Kit

3 important seals to keep oil out of your precious tachometer gauge.

Engine Seals
Transmission 5 Speed
Transmission 4 Speed
Electrical Firing
Engine external
Partnumber: 2688
Datsun Roadster Speedo Drive & Cable Seal Kit

3 important seals to keep oil out of your precious speedometer gauge.

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