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Partnumber: 1134


Partnumber: 1202
Datsun New Mitsubishi Gear Reduction Starter - CORRECT LENGTH AFTER MARKET JAPAN

Planetary/Gear Reduction High Torque Replacement Starter

Brand New Planetary/Gear Reduction Starter for all 1600's and 2000's. Easy install no modification required.

There are 2 different versions of this starter. 1 which is longer in length than the other. We have always opt for the shorter version, OVERALL LENGTH 7 1/4 to 3/8 INCHES, for the obvious clearance issues and OURS work with our headers and also AC Industries headers.

Another Datsun Parts first. We were the very first vendor, without question, to offer this starter.

Overshadowing even the U20 starter with superior torque, this unit also features a Bendix gear that pops out, engages the ring gear before it starts turning, thus saving the ring gear teeth from eventual wear. In addition, this unit is fully sealed and enclosed not vulnerable to rear main seal oil spun up on the back side of the flywheel which in un-sealed antique open snout designs, like the 1600 and 2000, usually results in the starter filling up with oil leading to poor electrical contact and brush breakdown. Most of the 1600 and 2000 starters have been around for 30 years having been heated up burnt-to-death and rebuilt 10 or 15 times (which is usually the case). Fits with all brands of headers.

1 year warranty regular Su and Solex cars as of 8/6/08

All our starters work with the original exhaust manifold and headers

NOTE: This is not a Chinese built unit. The distributor of this product has assured us that this part is a genuine Mitsubishi product.


Partnumber: 1240
Datsun Roadster Alternator 65 - 671/2 1600 & 2000 (With Modification) & 68 - 70 Alternator (No Modification Original Position) 1600 & 2000 AFTER MARKET USA

GM single wire 60 AMP Alternator w/ 30 AMP fusible link protection and all the connectors you need to make it work. Extra 30 amp fuses are provided.
Easy peasy assembly to the late year, 68 -70 drivers side lower mount with NO modifications required for these years, may require a slightly shorter belt NOT supplied, (See note below for 65 - 67 1/2 cars), except to hook your positive white wire into the connector supplied in line with the fusible link , also supplied and re-connect the ground wire to the terminal provided. Tape over orignal plug on wire harness
No new fan belt to purchase, no spacers required. If you did not know better looks original!
Amp gauge still functions properly. Yes, this is an anyone can do conversion, but the requests to make it easy "one stop shop" were overwhelming. You asked we answered.

Our alternators are comprehensively remanufactured units with new positive post insulating bushings. On any unit, be sure not to over tighten the nut on the positive alternator post as it can crack and destroy the plastic insulator.HIGH OUTPUT 60 AMP ALTERNATOR W/INTERNAL REGULATOR - MUCH BETTER THAN ORIGINAL ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE USING HALOGEN LIGHTS AND A HIGH OUTPUT STEREO SYSTEM

Battery cables should be completely detached when working with electrical installations. Installed electrical parts are non returnable.

68 - 70 Alternator order by PART# 1240B $199.00.

NOTE: This alternator can be used for 65 - 67 1/2 cars. It requires shortening the front of the cast iron mount to align the pulley grooves on the water pump and crank and washering the back end of the bolt to make up for the difference or finding a shorter bolt. Mindfully decide whether you believe you are capable to perform these adjustments before making a purchase, as alternators are not returnable


Partnumber: 1346
Datsun Roadster Battery Hold Down Assembly & Kits IN STOCK

68 - 70 Powder coated LH drive exact Replica of original Battery frame Assembly 24420-A7800 to be used with similar 24 group batteries. Click on photos to see correct sizing of the part.

U.S. made and dimensionally the same as original. Fits most new style 24 group batteries. Some batteries run smaller then original 24 group batteries. Check yours before ordering.
Choose your battery carefully as there are no returns on this item for lack of fitment.
Simply center over battery and tighten.

(1st PHOTO) Drawing & control sample

(2nd PHOTO) - 3 in a row Original Nissan Battery frame and other replicas.

1346A: (3rd PHOTO) Battery frame, Nissan tray w/drain hose. Use your old hardware.
Regular $56.00

1346B: (4th PHOTO) Battery frame, Nissan tray w/ drain hose, aftermarket correctly bent rods, washers, and wing nuts. $97.00

Batteries available through us for local pick up only. Exchange required allow 2 days.
Recommended battery sizes:

Interstate Batteries Part # MT-24F 10 1/4" long, 6 7/8" wide, 8 3/4" high 600 COLD/750 $145.00 core exchange required

Interstate Batteries Part # MTP- 24F 11" long, 6 7/8" wide, 8 3/4" high 800 COLD/1000 $165.00 core exchange required

No returns if you have a battery with dimensions, handles that is different than as described here.

See text

Partnumber: 1350
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Repro Battery Rods w/Nuts & Washers AFTER MARKET USA

Nice repro, correctly bent battery rods to use with your old tray and frame or our new kits. Rods are American Sae unlike the Nissan originals. Comes with the washers and the butterfly nuts.

Partnumber: 1358
Datsun Roadster 65 - 70 Voltage Regulator AFTER MARKET JAPAN

65 - 70 1600 or 2000 Voltage regulator


Partnumber: 1913
68 - 70 Datsun Roadster Plastic Battery Tray

68 - 70 Plastic Battery tray for 24 Group batteries.

Partnumber: 2389
Datsun Male Bullet Connector w/Plastic Shield AFTER MARKET JAPAN

Male bullet connector w/plastic shield.Great for updating 63 -69 tail light assemblies or for converting modular plug 70 tail lights to individual prongs for use with early cars.
$.90 EA

Partnumber: 2416
Datsun ReplacemEnt Alternator Plug & Wire AFTER MARKET JAPAN

Replacement alternator plug wire. Be sure to take note of the position of the original wires inside the alternator relative to the position in the plastic plug as this replacement is not color coded. Wire colors may vary as supplied by the manufacturer.

Partnumber: 2479
Datsun Roadster Gear Reduction Starter New Solenoid AFTER MARKET JAPAN

Replacement solenoid for gear reduction starter. If you purchased a re-built or new starter from another vendor or alternator re-build house and your solenoid has failed we can help with this new part.

NOTE:As of this date we have only warrantied 1 solenoid for one of our own new gear reduction starters.

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