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Rubber parts
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 1881
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2 Bottom Door Bumper Stop (2)

BUMPER STOP, Door Window, bottom of door without clip. 1 required for each door. Multiple photos for viewing. NOTE: This is a brand NEW part. 80317-10400. Not dried out cracked or overly hard used piece from an old door. We have seen these sold used for $37.00 plus dollars.
See Datsun Roadster Book Part 1 Page 264 01 - 06 line points to this part. This part made at the request of Larry Harvey
NOTE: This part is not interchangeable with the post 68 door bumpers, 68 - 70, as the two piece bumper used on them has a metal retaining clip that presses into the hole in the welded, non-detachable, bracket inside the door.
$12.10 PR

Rubber parts
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 1920
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Bottom Door Bumper Stop (2)

BUMPER STOP, Door Window, bottom of door with clip. Multiple photos for viewing. NOTE: This is a brand NEW part. 80317-25900. Not dried out cracked or overly hard used piece from an old door. We have seen these sold used for $37.00 plus dollars.
See Datsun Roadster Book Part 1 Page 264 01 - 06 line points to this part. This part made at the request of Mark Taillon
NOTE: This part is not interchangeable with the pre 68 door BUMPERS, 65 - 67 1/2, as the one piece bumpers used on them are not retained by a clip and are installed into the detachable L bracket.
Compare to used ones being sold elsewhere for #64.00|
$46.10 PR

Interior Trim
Partnumber: 1921
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Door Glass Limiter - PAIR USA

Carbon fiber composite door glass limiter. The height of your door glass is set and adjustable by using this piece which is mounted in line with the channel in the door. Usually missing, cracked or over cranked and split after years of abuse. You may or may not need these. Nice strong replacement for the originals.
$23.09 PR

Partnumber: 2399
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Windshield Glass - US DOT APPROVED

Authentic DOT number that is searchable, legitimate company listed at the DOT web-site. That is important safety issue when purchasing a piece of glass for automotive use. This glass also carries the country of origins compulsory certification validation for quality safety glass and other products and is labeled as such. Correct thickness glass. Same as ASAHI Glass original maker for Nissan !

Each glass description and part number below match the order of thumbnails for viewing. Text gives details as to color and originality.
Report any problems with glass within 5 days of receiving!

All light Green Tint - US American aftermarket ORDER BY PART# 1881B $900.00

Clear with upper portion of the glass darker Green tint(NOT PICTURED)ORDER BY PART# 1881G $900.00

NOTE:All upper tinted bands are DOT approved and are EQUAL WIDTH AND LENGTH if you are wondering because of the way the glass appears in the angle of the photos. Tinted area follows the designated allowable percentage authorized by the DOT. All tints are allowable by DOT standards for U.S distribution.

Video of tinted windshield installed in a daily driver at YOUTUBE:

We then gave it Fed X Memphis test center to test the our packaging.
FED X GROUND: Fully insured ground package option anywhere in the U.S except Alaska and Hawaii:
SHIPPING COST $229.00 EXPENSIVE! Do you want it safe or broken? Do you want to hear "We will take care of it!" or an old man yelling "Wadda you want me to do about it!"

GLASS PACKAGING MATERIALS:It is so hard to ship glass safely these days. Many customers have shared their, broken windshield, horror stories when purchasing a windshield. One re-occurring trend, in all the cases customers have shared with us, is that the windshield is shipped in a cardboard box by itself. We have opted to get this fragile commodity to you as safely as possible.

1 full year of research and development. Special, custom made, exclusively for Datsun Parts, 275DW double reinforced high burst heavy duty cardboard box. Dimension-ally large enough for optimum protection and small enough for low cost dimensional shipment. 12 piece die formed, with our special and exclusive form tool die, high density foam suspension system.

FedEx Memphis, Tennessee package test center has officially approved and passed, with a detailed test report, our proprietary method of windshield glass packaging. This is a very, very hard and stringent test and is required by Fed X to guarantee insurance payment without any question. To win a "Passing" grade is the exception NOT the rule.
We had to prove proprietary packaging, value & commodity cost, manufacturer of safety glass etc. We were given a official Test Report # registered with Fed Ex. Just following on line Fed Ex guide lines does not mean your "approved" for this specific commodity. When shopping for glass ask for the test report # they have when inquiring.

The test procedure involved a "free fall in a drop sequence", compression load on the box of 4693 (lbf) and a 60 minute vibration rotary impact test. OK, so you ask. "What does this have to do with me?" Well, this means that any piece of glass you purchase from us will be shipped with confidence by FedEx and will be insured and replaced if it is broken in any way.
We all know how shipping companies like to fight paying a claim on a windshield glass.

Let me say that if the glass shows up broken. We will send another one out NO problem.

We went to a lot of trouble to guarantee safe delivery of this product. Our UPS representative has also agreed that the shipping and packaging is the "best he's seen in years" and will gladly ship this product. Mostly he sees people raiding bicycle shops for old bike boxes when shipping windshields. Not here...not ever!

Please be very sure which variant of windshield you want as windshields are NOT returnable.

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