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New Products
Partnumber: 1337
Datsun Roadster 1600 Emblem 65 , 66, 67 - METAL EMBLEM

65-67 Datsun 1600 Emblems

65 - 67 Datsun 1600 emblems. The pins are in the same position and will fit in NO problem. Newly produced in solid aluminum with threaded posts on the back.

SPECIAL: 3 emblems for $240.00

$90.00 EA

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1401
Datsun Roadster U20 Oil Pump

After market replica U20 oil pump. Same company makes after market oil pumps for Toyota, Nissan & Honda. This reputable company sells tens of thousands of pumps each year that are distributed all over the planet. They have a TS16949 designation; International quality certification and use CMM technology, Taiwan not Chinese, based company.

Almost 1/2 less in price then pumps being offered on the net.

2nd PHOTO: Two pumps shown for comparison. Aftermarket on the left, Nissan original on the right. You can hardly tell the difference inside and out. Absolutely amazing quality!
NOTE: 1600 and R20 owners can use this pump instead of the forklift or original Nissan 1600 pump.

The manufacturer has provided a laboratory test report, included with the pump, comparing flow, pressure etc. between a New Nissan pump and the Aftermarket pump. Again amazing how close the numbers are! There is also a test report comparing both pumps when installed in a 2000 roadster. This part is NOT made in China.

In vehicles all over the world for 8 years. Over 60,000 miles on some cars!
NOTE:Cheaper in Kits.

In celebration of our 30TH Year in business. When rebuilding your engine: BUY all your 1600 & 2000 engine parts from us, ALL bearings, pistons & rings, full gasket kit, camshaft, timing parts, valves & guides, clutch kit in one shot. Receive a brand new U20 Oil pump free of charge with your order!


Partnumber: 1436
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Inside Rear View Mirror Mount

68 - 70 rear view inside mirror mount

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1495
Datsun Roadster 2000 U20 Oil Pump - NISSAN

U20 oil pump is a more higher volume pump than the 1600 oil pump. Very hard to find. Comes in a sealed Nissan box Part# 15010-25501. This is the genuine article sealed and pristine in the original packaging.

Partnumber: 1563
Datsun Roadster Flexable Stainless Brake Hoses

65 - 70 1600/2000 Stainless steel brake hose set. Upgrade from the original rubber hose set. See part # 1533 for rubber hoses. Comes with new sealing washers. Correct hex for indexing to the star holder on the bracket on the frame. Hex will not rotate when tightened. Necessary and important component to keep the lines away from moving suspension parts like coil springs. The lines that are pictured come with a Clear transparent plastic covering over the stainless portion of the hose. Also available,SPECIAL ORDER, (SEE 2nd PHOTO), in the following transparent colors. Red, Electric blue, Hunter green, Smoke clear, orange and black. Set of 3.

NOTE: Brake hose keepers are no longer included with this kit. You can add them on. Order by PART# 2733 $7.50


Transmission 4 Speed
Transmission 5 Speed
Partnumber: 1861
Datsun Delrin Shifter Lever Bushings - (2) AFTERMARKET USA

High quality precision machined Delrin Shifter bushings. Many prefer these over the "softer" Nissan bushings or the aluminum bushings that Nissan Motor Sports carried.
$15.10 PR

Weatherstrip Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1879
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2 Low Windshield Weatherstrip Kit

Early Low Windshield weatherstrip kit. 7 pieces total. 2 - Side post weather, Underframe weather, 4- Piece windshield weather.Extra footage is supplied of the windshield weatherstrip. Lots more than the factory supplied. The weatherstrip is not cut into 4 pieces like the factory counterpart. This is wasteful as one ends up with extra unusable lengths that could be long enough for a extra piece if the kit were not pre-cut. A instruction sheet and mitering template for corners is supplied as well.

Body parts
Partnumber: 1967
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 1500 Front Bumper Stays 63 - 70

Sold as a pair.
Thicker steel than the original
No Krylon paint job on these. They are powder coated

Partnumber: 1980
Datsun Roadster Stainless Steel Brake & Clutch Hose 4 Piece Kit

Stainless Braided brake and clutch hose 4 piece kit. Comes with sealing washers. All correct fittings!
NOTE: Brake hose keepers are no longer included with this kit. You can add them on. Order by PART# 2733 $7.50


Partnumber: 2080
Datsun Roadster Nissan 67 1/2 2000 Lower Radiator Hose

67 1/2 2000 LOWER RADIATOR HOSE. Same quality as our 2176 hose that we have been selling for 9 years. We will replace for free if it ever fails! Yes, we know, there are 68 - 70 style hoses being sold by vendors as 67 1/2 2000 replacements... wrong! Our hose is an exact replica in shape
Great hose with internal cloth webbing sandwiched inside and protected inside of the rubber like the later Nissan hose that is pictured in the 1st PHOTO.
The hose does not have the outer cloth covering like the hoses that came with the cars, Nice stuff I like original too.
Nissan eventually discontinued sale of those hoses because of the problematic issue with the cloths exposure to fluids, the cloth webbing drying out, becoming crunchy within the length of the hose, eventually bulging and bursting under pressure.
Nissan chose not to renew the contract for the cloth covered hoses as manufactured in favor of the newer technology, more expensive to make and quite frankly better quality hoses, like the one here and all subsequent hoses they had made for all their manufactured vehicles both domestic and for international use. If after all this you still want the external braiding? Jim Tyler has them and he says "there is nothing finer". In the mean time we will blow these out of the inventory.

Same quality as our 2176 hose that we have been selling for 9 years

Customer Rewards Program
Engine external
Partnumber: 2108
Datsun Roasdster 68-70 Braided Oil Pressure Gauge Hose

Custom machined fittings specifically made, matching exactly to the original Nissan fittings. Made and assembled in the USA.
NOT Aeroquip's line of generic fittings made in China.
Our line is made by an aerospace firm here in Los Angeles. Compare our line to the factory line in the photo. No extra fittings/coupling, leak points to adapt one stock part to another.
If we were going to make a just few lines we might have gone the easy route and use a bunch of generic readily available Aeroquip lines, but we wanted a solid line and one that looks like the original.
Clean, exact replica, lots of diligence to make it right as opposed to a throw together, quick buck, budget off brand line product...not here not ever!
Here's a product that has merit. 800 sold over 14 years. Shop & Compare. Let your own eyes compare and make the decision for you!!

68-70 Replacement braided oil pressure gauge hose. See original Nissan in foreground. Correct and exact reproduction fittings exclusively made for Datsun Parts. Frame end fitting M10 by 1.25, block end fitting 1/8 BSPT - that is British NOT American pipe thread. No longer necessary to by other generic stainless lines and tap out the block for American 1/8 fittings or take a chance rebuilding your old line with the possibility of line failure! This is the real deal. Properly machined and accurate frame end fitting to engage the frame rail stand-off and keeper. Pre-tested to working pressure of 3000 PSI. Way overkill as this hose will never see any pressure anywhere near this figure. Flexible.....won't kink or break. Check out what the regular Nissan hoses are selling for. Click here, to view this part.

Electrical Switches
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 2580
Datsun Roadster / Fairlady & 320 Pick Up Truck 63 - 67 Horn Button Insert Painted versions AFTERMARKET USA

1ST PHOTO: Clear & transparent plastic injection molded insert with exact, 3D symbol detail in center. Part is concave like original NOT a flat acrylic repro.
Unpainted version for Roadster or truck
ORDER by Part# 2580UN $49.00
Caution: Use of Lacquer or Acetone based paint or thinners will craze the plastic. Use enamels or nache water based paints.

2nd PHOTO:Original Nissan showing the problems with cracking

3RD PHOTO:Another Nissan original showing what happens to the plastic after years of exposure.

4TH PHOTO: Painted version of our insert for the Roadster installed in a horn button housing.Housing not included back round black, d in center black and white. Silver trim, outer area clear.
ORDER by Part# 2580R&FP 115.00

5TH & 6TH PHOTO:Painted version of truck insert. Back round silver, d in center white, blue and red. Silver trim. Outer area clear.
ORDER by Part# 2580TRUCKP 115.00

NOTE: Painted versions are often very nice, but some can vary in sharpness and not be perfectly opaque in the black or silver area, but generally look ok when assembled in the button.
You can request one of these offered between $80.00 to $94.00. Ask what we may have available.

This part made at the request of Marc Bouley

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2588
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 68 License Lamp Lens AFTER MARKET USA

License lamp lens for early license lamp assembly. See gasket that seals this lens. Part# 2582

Brake Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 2691
Datsun Roadster Brake Hose Kit (3) NISSAN

Set of 3 Nichirin OEM brake hoses with washers

Partnumber: 2868
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Idler box Bushing & Seal kit NISSAN & AFTER MARKET USA

Idler box kit that contains the following; threaded upper bushing, bronze lower bushing, lower seal, and zerk fitting.
Note: You will need to hone the lower bushing to match your idler box shaft or our new shaft for proper fitment.
All Nissan parts except the threaded upper bushing US MADE.

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