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Partnumber: 997

All our weather-strip parts are US made or Japanese OEM Original. NO other Asian suppliers or 3rd world manufacturers contracted or used EVER!
Understand that it cost us 10 times the amount of tooling charges to make your weather-strip parts here in the states. Why? One important reason is that we can and do receive certification of the materials used. You can't always trust overseas providers to guarantee the rubber compounds they use so we avoid using anyone overseas.
The 2nd reason is that we work very closely with the die cutters here in the US, sometimes even traveling long distances to their manufacturing plants, to make sure the parts will be faithful to the originals.
It is for these two reasons that some of our parts may cost more than what you may see from other vendors who are using overseas sources.

Welcome to the weather-strip section. Some of the weatherstrip products in this section, that are no longer available from Nissan, are re-manufactured aftermarket U.S made weatherstrip. We have been making weather-strips for 25 years. Go with us for your weather-strip needs with a proven track record of consistency, longevity and reliability!

Nissan weatherstrip that is still available comes to us in bar coded gray label which de-note new stock and are not dried up older inventory. OEM vendors names, "original maker", such as Koito, EverWing are cast into the parts even though they were sold by Nissan.

Our U.S.weatherstrip manufacturer, has designed many long lasting automotive products for the industry. This company designed your new trunk weatherstrip and at the same time on the other side of the plant Boeing window seals were being manufactured. This company is certified to produce high tolerance long lasting quality rubber products.

If you do not see a specific part here in this section it may be in the rubber section. Click here, to go to this section. We define a weatherstrip as any rubber part that is CONTINUALLY shielding water. EXAMPLE: A outer door squeegee is a weatherstrip part a door pillar post cap is a rubber part.

Click here, to go to the section where weatherstrip parts are combined with rubber parts in kit form.

Partnumber: 1035
Datsun Roadster Door Glass Weatherstrip Vertical Track Pieces US MADE NOT THAILAND

63-70 Door glass channel weatherstrip

Often called the glass anti-rattle kit. These are the vertical pieces in the door that support the glass in the vertical movement. Our reproduction channel is not the fold over 510 glass run variety. Our weatherstrip is molded like the original in "U shaped" channel form like the original. We like this channel as it does not bind the glass. NOTE: Enough material is supplied to do all 4 tracks, 2 front & 2 rear.


Partnumber: 1036
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Under Vent Window Rubber

68-70 Under vent window weatherstrip
$24.00 PR

Z Car Parts
Partnumber: 1070
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 & 240Z 70 - 73 LH Door Mirror W/Gasket & Now Gasket sold Separately

Replacement Chrome & Stainless LH Mirror.

If the mirror, that is currently on your car, has not already been changed to the one in the photo it may require you to make a new hole in the door for mounting this mirror. The base of this mirror will cover the old hole so it will cosmetically look clean. No Bondo, filling or painting is required after this mirror is installed.

Will not fit on the right hand side of the car
Mirror Adjustment Note:In order to obtain mirror adjustment one should note that there are 2 distinct rotational movements of the mirror. One movement is 360 degrees. The other movement is 20 degrees, fore and aft which changes the pitch of the mirror in relation to the pedestal. The firmness of the pitch adjustment is controlled by a spring inside the mirror housing. Be careful rotating the pitch adjust. A "massage" type movement is preferable rather than forcing the pitch of the mirror which can bend the back plate.

There is visible parting line from the Zamac mold on the pedestal of the Nissan mirror and this has been a bone of contention among Z car owners and Roadster owners for years and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it as Nissan will not and has not changed it having been made aware of the problem by the world populus for years. The problem has become progressively worse in the past 15 years as Nissan as either, allowed the company that makes this mirror to continue to produce the product with this problem or refused to correct the problem by paying the company to service and repair the tooling.

To order just the gasket (SEE 3RD PHOTO)
Order by PART# 1070GSKT $10.90
This gasket will not work on the original 68, 69 & 1970 Dastun Roadster mirror bases as the base gaskets are different07/01/17

Partnumber: 1184
Datsun Fairlady 63 - 64 Door Cylinder Weather-strip (2)

Fairlady door lock cylinder w/swing out cover rubber weatherstrip (pair). Also fits early truck door cylinders.This part made at the request of Michael Spreadbury
$15.00 PR

Partnumber: 1213
Datsun Lock Cylinder Weatherstrip US MADE NOT THAILAND

Door and trunk cylinder lock rubber weatherstrip

Fits between body of car and cylinder. Fits all cylinders past and present. Pack of three.Raised rim around the circumference protects the lock from water. Not necessary to cut extra slots to fit the cylinders.


Wiper and Washer
Partnumber: 1265
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 1500 63 - 67 1/2 Wiper Pivot Grommets

63 - 67 1/2 Wiper arm pivot grommets

(set of 4). Tired of water dripping down on your feet?? Don't want to use those tropical drink umbrellas between your toes any longer?? Why not replace your wiper arm pivot grommets and stop that leak for good! Made from synthetic Santoprene rubber. Will not rot like the original moldings.NOTE: These have the correct thickness and correct, single notch, for proper fit to the early year cars.

NOTE: One weather-strip goes under each washer and one on each flange of the wiper pivot assembly.


Rubber parts
Partnumber: 1283
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Rear Bumper Side Rubber Plate Gasket

Gasket for LH & RH rear end bumper backing plate. 2 required.
$2.40 EA

Handles and Latches
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 1310
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Exterior Door Handle Weatherstrip - SET

63 - 67 1/2 New Door Handle Weatherstrip Kit (set of 4)

Why crack or scratch your new paint job when you're assembling your 63 - 67 1/2 door handles back on your Fairlady or your Datsun Roadster? Want to really dress up your restoration so it is totally ORIGINAL??!! Made of weather and smog resistant Santoprene and slightly thicker than original.


Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 1408
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 1500 Rear Panel Grommet NISSAN

63 - 70 Rear panel grommet. Available as shinny Originals were more flat in appearance. A flat plastic compatible spray such as Testers hobby spray does the trick.

Partnumber: 1416
Datsun Roadster 65-671/2 Windhsield Post

63 - 67 1/2 Windshield post weatherstrip

Partnumber: 1417
Datsun Roadster 65 - 671/2 Quarter Window Weatherstrip

65 - 67 1/2 Vent rubber LH and RH. Sold as a set.
$80.00 PR

Partnumber: 1418
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 1/2 Vent Quarter Window Undeframe Weatherstrip

65 - 67 1/2 Under vent rubber. Sold as set. Can be used for 1500 modification required
$26.00 PR

Partnumber: 1420
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 63 - 70 Door Rubber

63 - 70 Aftermarket Door rubber kit. Nissan counterparts do not allow the doors to close properly. This is a (roll of the wheel weatherstrip. The doors close just fine with this weatherstrip. Does both sides. Has round sealing weather strip.

INSTRUCTIONS:Carefully open up the vinyl-ed U channel of the weather-strip with a screwdriver. Work along the length of the weather-strip.(SEE PHOTO) This will help ease the u-channel over the metal flange on the car and keep you from pushing the vinyl trim out of position that is glued to this area. In order to turn corners with this new weather strip it is necessary to bevel cut the metal/vinyl-ed portion, NOT the bulb, to allow the weather strip to fit with ease at 90 degree angled points. (SEE PHOTO) Insert the aluminum channel trim pieces that fit over the original weather strip onto the vinyl-ed portion of the new weathers strip.(SEE PHOTO) Secure into the wall of the flange with the original Phillips head screws. The 2nd photo is how the weather strip should appear when installed onto the car.

Click here to view this part.
$42.00 PR

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 1421
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Park Lamp Weather-strip

63 - 69 Park lamp weatherstrip. To see what this seals. See part#1394,1395.This part has the requisite Koito name on the back of the part.
Japanese made NOT Thailand
$6.00 EA

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 1422
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Taillight Gasket to Body

63 - 70 Outer Taillight to Rear panel weatherstrip. See 1387,1389 to see how this mounts.This part has the requisite Koito name on the back of the part.
$9.00 EA

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 1423
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Taillight Between Chrome Piece

63 - 70 Inner Taillight body to bezel weatherstrip. To see how this mounts see part# 1387,1389.This part has the requisite Koito name on the back of the part.
$8.99 EA

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 1424
Datsun Roadster Inner Tail & Turn Signal Lamp Lens Gasket

63 - 70 Tail lamp Lens gasket. Very hard to find. To see how this mounts see Part# 1392,1393.Cheaper in tail lamp kit part#1288 Click here to view this kit.
This is a new part. Not robbed off of old assemblies

Soft Tops
Partnumber: 1425
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady Soft Top Weatherstrip

63 - 70 Soft top front bow weatherstrip. This can also be used as the front seal for those customers who are using a hard top.

Want to get a new top? Click here, to go to soft tops.

New Products
Partnumber: 1426
Datsun Roadster 63 - 67 1/2 Under Windshield Frame Weatherstrip

63 - 67 1/2 under windshield frame weatherstrip. 300 available. Very popular. Comes with a great photo instruction sheet.

Beware of old stock Nissan being peddled that are prone to rotting out with no warranty from Nissan or other sellers

Partnumber: 1427
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 Inner Felt Weatherstrip From Nissan - PAIR

63 - 67 Original Nissan Horizontal inner felt door glass weatherstrip. Left and right shown.

Click here here. for excellent, less expensive repro version.
$192.00 PR

Partnumber: 1428
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady Door Glass Wiper-NISSAN

63 - 70 Horizontal outer door glass wiper. We are currently developing a better replacement for this Nissan original that will be made of higher durometer and have greater wear-ability and be made in a uniquely different material. Most importantly our weatherstrip will not suck down into the door when winding the glass here, to view.
$15.00 EA

Rubber Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1710
Datsun Roadster Floor Plug Set of 4

Floor drain plugs (4).

Wiper and Washer
Partnumber: 1773
68 - 70 Wiper Pivot Grommets Set

Late 68 - 70 wiper pivot grommets (set of 4).

Fuel Systems
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 1819
67 1/2 - 69 locking Gas cap rubber gasket Correct 2.28mm Gasket

67 1/2 - 69 gas cap rubber gasket. The manufacturer of the original locking gas caps overseas had 3 versions. One of the two earlier gas caps is pictured on the left and the later version on the right. (See front and back view photos) The gasket offered here, as a replacement, will only fit the 17251-25500, later gas cap. Click here to purchase the early cork gas cap gasket.
US made NOT Thailand

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 1823
Datsun Roadster Rear Reflector Weatherstrip

63 - 69 Rear reflector weatherstrip.
US made NOT Thailand
$6.00 EA

Partnumber: 1824
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 Horizontal Inner Felt - PAIR

New Reproduction aftermarket horizontal inner felt weatherstrip LH and RH shown. Peg to corresponding hole mounting procedure on early cars 63 - 67.It may be necessary to open the holes in the door a bit to avoid breaking the pegs

Nissan alternative part#1427 is quite expensive.Click here. to see go to this part.
$105.00 PR

Weatherstrip Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1879
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2 Low Windshield Weatherstrip Kit

Early Low Windshield weatherstrip kit. 7 pieces total. 2 - Side post weather, Underframe weather, 4- Piece windshield weather.Extra footage is supplied of the windshield weatherstrip. Lots more than the factory supplied. The weatherstrip is not cut into 4 pieces like the factory counterpart. This is wasteful as one ends up with extra unusable lengths that could be long enough for a extra piece if the kit were not pre-cut. A instruction sheet and mitering template for corners is supplied as well.
US & Japanese made NOT Thailand

Partnumber: 1887
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2 Low Windshield Glass Weatherstrip

A laser cut tool was developed from a high resolution scan of original new Nissan weatherstrip. Extruded weatherstrip is smooth like original with no machine lines from older die manufacturing processes. Will not crack, shrink or harden like original Nissan 72610-12900 or 72610-10401 weatherstrip. Santoprene is 20 to 40 percent more expensive material than EPDM and is the newer technology and choice of manufacturers. This is a fact and any rubber manufacturer will confirm this. It is recyclable and in this respect only can it be cheaper. No one here is recycling product.

Almost all U.S. automotive weather-strip manufacturing companies have moved to Santoprene. They are Cooper Standard, Metzler Automotive, GDX Automotive, Hutchinson, Reed Rubber. All these reputable rubber manufacturers and automotive makers have change to Santoprene. Millions of dollars have been spent by these companies to convert their production lines toward the new trend of Santoprene replacing the older technology of EPDM.

Santoprene rubber is often chosen over EPDM rubber because of it’s outstanding long-term weather ability and compliance with all GM requirements. The seals made of Santoprene rubber will not fade, discolor or bloom, maintaining their sleek appearance. • Impervious to smog and UV • Excellent long-term weather ability and seal ability • No fading or blooming • Greater design flexibility • Easy part assembly • Superior dimensional stability.

We actually give you more footage then Nissan144 inches just in case you make a mistake in cutting.

We guarantee this weatherstrip never to crack or shrink or we will give you a replacement for FREE. No other vendor currently of 1/7/05 will make this claim.

Comes with a 2 page detailed instruction sheet.

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 1908
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 68 License Lamp To Body Gasket

Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 63 - 68 License Lamp Gasket

NOTE: This is gasket is not a cheap foreign copy that no one shows the back side detail on...nice!
Our part has the correct & proper double sided detail with drainage channel and "EVERWING" markings and numbers. (See Photos). A lot of money was spent on US tooling to get this part to exact replica and you get to spend your money here in the US and not on slave labor work forces overseas.

This gasket mounts underneath the lamp assembly.

Rubber parts
Partnumber: 1914
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - Mid 66 Early ROUND Valve Vent Rubber (Pair) US MADE NOT THAILAND

Scarce and hard to find, Nissan referenced them in the bulletin as the "former" Round NOT Oval, valve vent cold air weather-strip. These are NOT modified late style ovals made to work.
Closes off or opens to allow cold air to come into the vehicle. A must on a cold winter night when you need the heater to work properly as no valve rubber or a rotted valve rubber will cause the heater to become totally ineffective. A nice, detailed instruction sheet is provided with this part.
$30.00 PR

Rubber parts
Partnumber: 1915
Datsun Roadster Late 66 - 70 Open Air OVAL Intake Valve Vent Weatherstrip

Nissan referenced these in the bulletin as "New" and so they are being oval not round like the earlier or "former" as Nissan called the discontinued version.
Weatherstrip is slotted in the middle and simply slips over rotating metal plate in your car. The only difficulty being the effort to crawl underneath the dash to put them in!

Never again will you have cold air freezing your feet at night! Most people complain about their heaters not working without realizing that their valve vent weatherstrips are totally missing and streams of cold air are entering the passenger compartment!!

See photo of the part installed on a valve vent assembly. Assembled part on metal flap shown is for reference only and is not included. 2 Oval rubbers are sold as a pair only.

Spread open the center of the weatherstrip to install on the metal flap. See photo.

Last photo of used parts taken from a Roadster. So you didn't know just how bad your valve vents are! Cracked, all memory gone from being bent over and dried up. Remember 100% ground up means just that 100%
US made NOT Thailand

$30.00 PR

Partnumber: 1916
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady 63 - 70 Injection molded Antenna pad

Injection molded Antenna Pad.This part has the requisite Antenna Lock name on the back of the part.
US MADE NOT Thailand

Partnumber: 1926
68 - 70 Windshield Post Weatherstrip

68 - 70 Windshield Vertical Post Weatherstrip

Made from synthetic rubber. Seals the leading edge of the vent window to keep the water out.
To Order a Pair Order by PART# 1926PR $20.00

$12.90 EA

Partnumber: 1927
65 - 67 Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Early Outside Mirror Base Gasket

65 - 67 outside mirror base gasket. This gasket will only fit newer style Nissan replacement mirrors. The original mirrors that came on the production cars were different.This gasket will work with the truck replacement mirrors.

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 1929
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Back Up Lamp Lense Gasket CORRECT PROFILE

Back Up Lamp Lens Gasket. Clear lens is shown for reference only and is not included. To buy the lens see PART# 1930.

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 1937
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Front Headlamp Bucket Weatherstrip PAIR

Front headlamp bucket weatherstrip (PAIR). Why re-use your old dried up weatherstrip? You did say your intention was to perform a ground up restoration. Now live the dream. Many new restoration parts here at Datsun Parts to support you and your car.
US made NOT Thailand
$25.00 PR

Partnumber: 1953
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Windshield Glass Weatherstrip

63 - 67 1/2 Original Nissan windshield gasket. Just got a glut in from Japan. Looking for original? OK! There is a another alternative here at Datsun Parts. See part#1887. The choice is yours.

Partnumber: 1972
Datsun Roadster Outer Horizontal Door Wiper Squeegee

65 - 70 New production outer door horizontal wiper weatherstrip. Also known as the squeegee weatherstrip. 10 solid months of testing.

If you never bought the Nissan original take a close look at the photos and see what happens to the weatherstrip when the window glass is rolled up and then when the window glass is rolled back down.

Please allow time for each photo to load.

1st Photo: Nissan squeegie with door glass being rolled up.

2nd Photo: Nissan squeegee with the door glass being rolled down.

3rd Photo:Our new squeegee with the door glass being rolled down.

4th Photo: Our new squeegee with the door glass being rolled up.

We have had so many complaints about the function of the Nissan weatherstrip, sucks down into the door, rises up and out, short usable life as the material Nissan uses decomposes quickly especially when treated with petroleum base products. This is not just our opinion. 21 years of customer complaints. Unfortunately, and with regret, the aftermarket one that was made, although being of better composition, suffers the same problems as the Nissan counterpart.

You said "Dean....make us a better weatherstrip !" and I answered. "Yes I will!" This required a new design, different profile, as the original and the aftermarket, which is shaped like the original, just don't work. It also required a different material, our secret and we're not telling, rendering a part that works much better than we ever expected. The wiper portion of our weatherstrip makes full contact with the glass as it should. We will still offer the Nissan version click here
$20.00 PR

Partnumber: 1994

US MADE! AS9100 & ISO9001. This company makes window seals for Boeing!
Will not deteriorate like Chinese rubber product no longer in production

Our weatherstrip replicates the original trunk weatherstrip that came with the cars that installed on the lid. The center of the weather, when closed to the body side, presses against the raised metal lip on the body of the car. As per original ours installs on the lid and allows the trunk lid to close properly.

We believe that the manufacturer of our new weatherstrip has done the best job humanly possible to create a accurate, affordable, durable Santoprene product.

Our biggest critics, the Japanese, have received samples and love the correct profile and wear ability. See for yourself. The first 2 photos reveal the inner detail of the weatherstrip. Ours on the left original Nissan on right. The 3rd photo is a front view of the cross section ours on the left and original Nissan on the right. The 4th photo is with our weatherstrip installed.The trunk lid closes and aligns beautifully with the body. The 5th photo is of the assembled weatherstrip. The 6th photo is a 3/4 profile from the side.OUR TRUNK GASKET IS NOT HARD IN THE MIDDLE AND WITH OUR GASKET THE LID CLOSES FLUSH WITH THE BODY

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2042
Datsun Roadster 1969 Tear Drop Front Marker WeatherStrips

1969 Front teardrop marker light weather strips. Buy as separate or in kit form with rear sidelight weather strips. Click here to view this kit. True left and True right. NOTE: These are INJECTION two-part molded not stamped gaskets. These weather strips are marked on the back LH and RH and have a convex sealing edge on the back side clearly visible in the photo

Yes! These are included in our full weatherstrip kit click here to view the contents.
US & Japanese made NOT Thailand
24.00 PR

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2043
Datsun Roasdter 1969 Rear Sidelight Weatherstrips

1969 Rear sidelight weather strips. True left and True right. NOTE: The back of the weather strips are marked with a L & R respectively for proper placement. These are injection molded parts and are NOT the 510 weather strips. They have the correct, roadster, thickness and contour. Buy as a PAIR here or in a kit with the front tear drop weather strips. Click here to view this kit.Yes! These are included in our full weatherstrip kit. click here to view the contents.
$26.00 PR

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2044
Datsun Roadster 1969 Front & Rear Marker Light Gasket Kit

1969 Front Tear Drop and Rear Sidelight 4 piece gasket set. These parts are molded not stamped and are rendered in left and right profile to match the contour of the car. Yes! These are also in our full weatherstrip kit. Click here to view the contents of this kit.
US made NOT Thailand
$50.00 KIT

Partnumber: 2045
Datsun Roadster 68 -70 High Windshield Weatherstrip US TOOL NOT THAILAND

NOTE: This weather-strip has bonded corners generated in the tool during the injection molding process. The corners are not hot glued with Cyanoacrylate.

1968 - 70 High Windshield Weatherstrip. All new American Made tool, EPDM US rubber, replicating the original weatherstrips delivered with the cars. New weatherstrip was re-designed with the correct corners, upper shown, (See photos)allowing the weatherstrip to extend slightly beyond the trim molding. Fits Great! We checked the fit on a project car. This is not a extrusion with the corners hot welded. The complete weather-strip is molded in the die.

Comes with 6 page photo instruction sheet.

Special thanks to Randy and the guys at PR, Derek and James for a job well done!

Pair with a new windshield glass. Check glass section for variety of glass available.

Full weatherstrip kit price has been modified to include new weatherstrip. Price has been adjusted accordingly.

Windshield adhesive remover by 3M. Works great when preparing for a new gasket! Gets all the gunk off the windshield frame without hurting the painted surfaces of your car.

Click here to view the selection of the glass.

Partnumber: 2047
68 - 70 Nissan High Windshield Weatherstrip HARD TO FIND

68-70 Nissan High Windshield Rubber.

New Bar Coded recent run Original Nissan, not dried out or hard. Assembly of this weatherstrip is similar to late 60's early 70's Porche 911 windshield and weatherstrip. It is very important, when removing the old stainless, that the shape, arc and form of these pieces be preserved as best as possible.If the pieces become bent in the opposite direction, arcing away from the rubber, they will want to pop out when attempts are made to re-install them. If they do become bent, carefully massage the pieces to follow the arc of the rubber. The stainless molding at the corners, when installed, comes to the end of the rubber on the new Nissan rubber. As delivered from the factory the rubber extended beyond the molding. Click here, to view new production after market windshield weatherstrip.

It has come to our attention that windshield weatherstrips are being sold as Nissan by a vendor, but when delivered are not in Nissan packaging. We always include Nissan packaging when possible to ensure our customers of the authenticity of a item. Sometimes bags get old and are damaged, but these Nissan weatherstrips are newer bar coded fresh stock so we always supply them. We mostly do not have really old boxes or bags. Generally when a part has been out of production for a long time we have them. Ask for the packaging and we will supply it..

Windshield adhesive remover by 3M. Works great when preparing for a new gasket! Gets all the gunk off the windshield frame without hurting the painted surfaces of your car.


Rubber parts
Partnumber: 2170
63 - 70 Floor & Trunk Plug

Photo shows reverse angle of plug. 4 required . 2 in front passenger area and 2 in the trunk at the bottom of each rear quarter. Cheaper in set of 4
$2.56 EA

Partnumber: 2187
Datsun Roadster 68-70 4 Piece Vent Window Weatherstrip

68-70 Vent Rubber LH and RH weatherstrip with LH and RH under-frame pieces.Correct detail. No fin shaped piece at top like other reproductions. See close up view of our original style extension piece as per Nissan design!

We offer this weather-strip in kit form with the under-frame pieces as the vent windows require being removed to install the 1/4 window weatherstrip and these under-frame pieces are usually decomposed. We also offer just the inner triangular vent pieces. This weatherstrip is for the non-moving 68 - 70 1/4 windows.

To order inner vent rubber LH & RH (FOR GLASS ONLY) Order by PART# 2187VW - $114.00PR

Price for all (4) pieces is in the price column.

Experience required for assembly. Assembles in 40 minutes for both sides.

Fuel Systems
Partnumber: 2189
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady Early Gas Cap Gasket

This part fits the 17251-04101 early gas cap. The photo of the gas caps shows the difference between the early and late gaskets. Early is on the left. Click here if you need the later rubber 17251-25500 gas cap gasket.

Partnumber: 2260
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Door Mirror Base Gaskets

68 - 70 Mirror base gasket new style and original style that came with the production cars from Japan. 1st photo shows 2 style mirrors that people use on their vehicles. The one on the left is a new, chrome plated, Nissan replacement. The one on the right is the original, dull painted, mirror that came on the production cars. The second photo shows the two mirror base gaskets that are available. Please take note, before ordering, which mirror is on your car as the base gaskets are different.

New style base order by PART# 2260N

Original style base order by PART# 2260OR
Note: Mirrors are shown for reference only. Click here, to purchase mirrors.
US made NOT Thailand
$5.00 EA

Partnumber: 2262
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 LH & RH Inner Felt From Nissan

Very Rare 67 1/2 inner felt weatherstrip LH and RH. LH top door finisher in photo for reference only. Correct tabs for locating into the slots in the finisher simple clip on. No the 68- 70 inner felts are different as well as the 63 - 67 early model cars. These are distinct to this year only.
$178.00 PR

Partnumber: 2315
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Split year 1500 Door Cylinder Lock Gasket

2 pack of the door cylinder lock gasket.

Partnumber: 2316
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Inner Door Horizontal Felt - PAIR

Datsun Roadster inner horizontal felt weatherstrip LH and RH. Correct tab mounting for installation. Slide tabs through slots and bend the tabs over on the back side.
$155.00 PR

Partnumber: 2317
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Inner Horizontal Inner Felt - PAIR

68 - 70 inner door horizontal felt weatherstrip LH and RH. Correct tab mounting for installation. Slide tabs through slots and bend the tabs over on the back side.
$155.00 PR

Soft Tops
Partnumber: 2392
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Tear Drop Rear Deck Fastener Gaskets

Don't forget to pick up a pair of these rear deck tear drop gaskets.

These gems are included when you purchase the tear drop fasteners from us and also when you purchase any one of our full weatherstrip kits.
US made NOT Thailand

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2504
Datsun Roadster 69 Front Tear Drop Inner Lense Gaskets

69 front tear drop maker light inner lenses gaskets.NOTE: These gaskets are not a generic .10 cent o-ring and yes o-rings were available 40 years ago. They just didn't use them here in this application. As per original they are a square cut profile, flat edged replica of the original, and fit properly against the lens for sealing. Since the lens surface is flat and the sealing shoulder of the lens square cut, the gasket logically must also be square cut for maximum interface thus sealing out the moisture.

NOTE: Photos of the lens shown to show the fit of the gasket. Lens available in lamps and light section.

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2507
Datsun Roadster 69 & 510 Rear Sidelight Lens Gaskets

Datsun Roadster & 510 69 rear sidelight lens gaskets. Nissan number for reference only:26189-10600
US made NOT Thailand

Partnumber: 2560
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67, 67 1/2 , 68 - 70 Inner Felt Horizontal Door

Inner door horizontal felt weather strip replacement. 2 required for the car. Price in column is for 1 piece.

Generic weather-strip to be glued on as opposed to snapping into position with the tabs like the Nissan original. Typically weatherstripping glue may not be sufficient to hold in place. Hot glue or epoxy may be a better alternative. We typically like the original, "tab to lock", design as Nissan chose this secure method of assembly. See PART# 1824, 2316 & 2317 for "tab to lock" style in this section to understand the difference. If you are on a tight budget then this may be your "cup of tea".

1st photo shows presentation side with the felt brush. 2nd photo shows the back side view to be glued.

63 - 67 Order by PART#2560A

67 1/2 Order by PART#2560B

68 - 70 Order by PART#2560C
$16.00 EA

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2582
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady License Lamp Lense Gasket

63 - 67 1/2 license lamp lense gasket. This gasket seals the license lamp glass lense keeping water from migrating into the lamps electrical socket.

Weatherstrip Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 2593
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 69 Rear Reflector Gaskets (2)

2 - rear reflectors gaskets
US & Japanese made NOT Thailand
$12.00 PR

New Products
Partnumber: 2599
Datsun Roadster 70 Park Lamp Gaskets (2)

70 park lamp gaskets pair.We now have in our possession the injection mold of this part!
This part has the requisite Koito name on the back of the part.05/31/18
$38.00 PR.

Partnumber: 2600
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70, 240Z - 280Z 510 Door Handle Rubber

Door handle replacement gaskets. Requires dis-assembly of the door handles to install. Parts are marked LH & RH. 4 pieces, 2 pair, enough to do 2 doors.
$15.00 (4)

Rubber parts
Partnumber: 2601
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Oval Plug Transmission Tunnel US MADE NOT THAILAND

Oval plug on transmission tunnel, below cigarette lighter. Life time warranty.

Partnumber: 2605
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 Door Rubber Kit W/Pillar Caps

63 - 67 door rubber kit. Includes elusive & hard to find true LH & RH pillar caps that mount just above the door rubber finishing off the sharp edge. These pillar post caps are smaller then the 67 1/2 - 70 model years. To purchase just the regular door rubber by itself click here

Partnumber: 2606
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 - 70 Door Rubber Kit w/ Pillar Caps

67 1/2 - 70 door rubber kit. Includes the larger style pillar caps that mount just above the door rubber finishing off the sharp edge. These pillar caps are very different then what came on the early cars. To purchase just the regular door rubber by itself click here
Weatherstrip Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 2759
Datsun Roadster 63 - 67 1/2 Weatherstrip Replacement Kit - When replacing a Dash

This kit is recommended when replacing and putting in a new dash. Under windshield frame, 2-side frame vertical post, 2-door weather-strip, windshiled weather-strip

New Products
Partnumber: 2844
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Rear License Lamp Gasket Kit

Replica, includes Everwing part number and original details on the flip side of the part (SEE 2nd PHOTO)
63 - 68 Rear License lamp gasket kit. Inner lens gasket and outer body gasket.
USA made NOT from aftermarket Asian source of unknown quality rubber

Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2845
Datsun Roadster 69 Rear Side Marker light Rubber Gasket Kit - 2 Pieces

Datsun Roadster 69 rear side marker light gasket kit inner lens and outer LH & RH body rubber. Not from the 510 which has the wrong contour. These are replica Datsun Roadster all the way. Even has the Nissan numbers on the back!

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